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  • Giddy Up for Christmas Riding Equipment

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the pony lovers in your life, then you can’t go wrong with some seasonal riding equipment! Whether you’re treating a stable hand, showjumper or even just yourself, Just Horseriders have a fantastic range of equestrian goodies just begging to fill someone’s stocking! If you’re not sure what to get, our festive gift guide will sort you out!


    The Gift for the Winter Hacker

    Even the most enthusiastic horse riders struggle with the dark nights and cold temperatures of winter, but there are some who revel in the peace and tranquillity or a dark evening hack. Of course, the absence of light presents a unique set of dangers and so it’s important to make riders seen with reflective bodywear. This riding gear is a great Christmas gift that is practical and useful during the winter months and has a range of options, from tail strips to jackets, so you can spend as little or as much as you like.


    The Gift for the Fashionable Friend

    If you’re looking for a festive offering for your most fashionable riding friend, then a jacket or gilet is perfect for the time of year. One of our favourites is the Dublin Sable Jacket which is quilted for warmth and tailored for that stylish edge. Available in lake blue, this jacket is ideal for use at the stables, riding but is also fashionable enough to be worn in day to day life. From just £27.95 this jacket is the perfect addition to a riding equipment collection this Christmas.


    The Secret Santa Gift

    Involved in a secret Santa syndicate at the yard? If you’re not sure what to get your stablemate you can’t go wrong with something from the Just Horseriders gift section! We stock a range of traditional riding equipment like stable hooks and boot trees, or if you’re looking for something more light-hearted, we’ve got keyrings, plush toys and even a horsey jigsaw!

  • How To Supplement Your Horse in Winter

    With winter on the way, it’s time to stock up on horse supplements and ensure that your horse is well supported with vitamins and minerals through the coldest months. Introducing horse supplements into their diet can not only maintain their health and wellbeing but can also help to keep them warm and nourished in the freezing months. We’ve got some top tips!

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  • Do I Need Horse Digestion Supplements?

    During the colder months, it’s vital that your horse is getting all the necessary nutrients to stay fit and healthy as it is during the winter that they are most prone to illness. Aside from the fact that colds and snuffles spread more easily at this time of the year, the lack of sunshine restricts both vitamin D production in horses and causes natural foraging material to become less nutritious. Introducing horse digestion supplements can help riders to keep their ponies in good health all year round.

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  • Explained: Joint Supplements for Horses

    Taking care of a horse’s joints is important regardless of discipline, as they are heavy animals that spend most of their time on their feet. These elongated periods of standing up not to mention jumping, cantering or being ridden exerts stress on the horse’s joints, which act as shock absorbers and as a result become easily worn or damaged, often leading to very severe health problems. Joint supplements for horses can not only prevent serious damage and look after their general wellbeing but can extend their working, competing and everyday lives.

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  • When to Use Horse Supplements

    What motivates horse owners to go out and buy horse supplements? Usually, it is an honest desire to make sure that our pony is being well cared for and is getting everything, they need, but while this motivation might be admirable, sometimes people institute supplements without assessing whether it is necessary. Providing that your horse is getting a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercises, it may not be necessary to supplement. There are, however, 2 main reasons that your pony may need additional vitamins and minerals. Continue reading

  • A Guide to Children’s Riding Boots

    If your child is determined to get on a pony but you’ve never ridden before or only have limited experience with riding, then this short and simple guide will get you started. Riding can be a notoriously pricey sport and kids’ feet grow fast, meaning that the costs can really start to rack up. But no matter what your budget, there are options out there for you.

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  • Step Up Your Riding Game with Dublin Boots

    Whether you’re a pupil or a professional, horse riding boots are an essential wardrobe piece for any horse rider. From riding to dressage to cleaning out, you need boots that offer protection against the outside elements, muck and the occasional deviating hoof. With the cold weather coming up, it might be time to splash out on some new boots!

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  • Autumnal Horse Rider Equipment

    Although most horse riders would like to bask in the complimentary conditions of Summer, the autumn and winter are fast approaching, so it might be time to update your horse rider equipment for the colder, wetter months. From upgrading your long boots to investing in a waterproof helmet, here are our top horse rider equipment picks for Autumn.

    HKM Boots

    While long riding boots can be stifling in the Summer, come Autumn they are the perfect footwear. Our HKM boots rise to just below the knee, keeping the rain from off the calves and shins, protecting jodhpurs from staining and keeping the rider warm. Designed with lacing, they are ideal for both competing and everyday yard wear and feature a non-slip sole, which is ideal in the wet and slippery conditions Autumn brings.

    Waterproof Helmet

    Suede-covered helmets are popular in the riding world, but they can be troublesome in Autumn and Winter. When exposed to water, suede deteriorates very quickly and becomes stained, frayed and heavy putting a strain on the helmet. With Autumn showers on the way, it’s best to hang up your suede helmet until spring and invest in a waterproof one instead. Our Rambo Classic Helmet is unique in its design with both leather and plastic components combining for ultimate waterproofing.

    Over Trousers

    Horse riders can’t help but be outside, with ponies to exercise and stables to clean, it’s very much an outdoorsy passion. Adverse weather conditions can’t get in the way of caring for horses, so Autumn is a good time to invest in some waterproof over trousers, for an extra layer of warmth and protection. Buying one pair of over trousers to add to your stocks of horse rider equipment can be a much more cost-effective approach than investing in multiple pairs of waterproof jodhpurs!

  • Choosing the Right Riding Equipment

    There is no one size fits all when it comes to riding equipment, with every different discipline having its own range of tools, clothes and accessories. But whether you’re into dressage, jumping, eventing or hacking the fundamental equipment is the same. Read our handy guide on selecting the right riding equipment to make sure you’re saddled up for the ride.

    Choosing a Saddle

    The sort of saddle you choose will depend on your primary riding style. For example, jumping saddles have a deeper seat and more padding around the knee to prevent rider falls when sailing over a jump, whereas general purpose saddles are not as specialised and so accommodate a wider range of disciplines. Regardless of your riding preference, a good saddle should comfortably fit the rider and the horse to ensure harmony and easy riding. This riding equipment comes in a range of materials, so it is also key to ensure that you opt for the right fabric that won’t irritate your pony or you.

    Choosing the Bridle

    Like a saddle your choice of bridle will also be determined by the equestrian discipline that you ride in. However, there are general bridles which are ideal for everyday riding and can withstand the occasional jump or dressage event. Finding a bridle that suits your horse and your needs is key, making sure to factor in comfort, style and control when choosing your bridle. You may have to try a few styles before settling on the right one as some horses can be particular about certain components such as bits.

    Choosing the Bit

    One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to riding equipment is what bit to use, or whether to use one at all. This tool is extremely important for communicating intent to your horse and thus should be chosen carefully. The range of bits can be confusing and range from a simple snaffle to more complicated bits that sit in the horse’s mouth, as well as hackamores. Which you decide to use will depend on your equestrian discipline, your level of riding, the shape of your horses’ mouth and how your horse was trained.

  • A-Z of Horse-Riding Equipment

    Starting out in the world of horse riding can be confusing, with so many niche terms and different pieces of equipment to get to grips with. We’ve put together our A – Z of horse-riding equipment to help beginners on their way!

    • All in one fleece used in the winter to keep horses warm.
    • Bridlewear is horse riding equipment used to control a horse.
    • Competition Clothing is traditionally made up of jodhpurs, boots, smart shirts and jackets.
    • D Ring Snaffle – is a bit that goes into the horse’s mouth and connects to the reigns.
    • Exercise Sheet – is a sheet that fits underneath a saddle to prevent slippage and rubbing.
    • Fly Veils - a mesh like mask that sits over the horses face to prevent eye irritations from flies.
    • Grooming Kit – anything used to care for a horse’s appearance, be it a brush, hoof pick or horse supplement.
    • Head Collar these are strapped around a horse’s face, attached to the reigns and can be used with or in place of a ‘bit’.
    • Irons are the metallic part of a stirrup used to rest the feet on during riding.
    • Jodhpurs are a type of popular horse-riding clothing that allows for greater control when riding.
    • Kimblewick Bit is another type of bit that is attached to a D ring but features curb features.
    • Lead Ropes are a horse-riding equipment attached to a bit that falls in front of the horses face and is used for transporting from field to stable.
    • Marking Powder – used to mark horses to make them identifiable at competitions or in transportation.
    • Nosebands are a part of bridlewear that can be used in riding or as a muzzle to prevent biting or bolting.
    • Over Reach Boots are a padded and fur lined boot for the horses hooves, designed to keep the legs warm in winter.
    • Pots can be attached to bridlewear and filled with treats, supplements or food to help calm a horse during transportation or to provide mental stimulus.
    • Quilted Hoofpads can be stuck onto horse hooves to help with healing or to promote overall foot health.
    • Riding Boots are the most common type of footwear used for riding and can be long or short in style.
    • Stable Rugs can be work by a horse for extra warmth or for waterproofing in wet weather.
    • Tendon Boots are a sort of support wrap used to stabilise the horse’s ankles during exercising.
    • Udder Cream is a soothing agent used on horses’ nipples when they are nursing or if they have suffered injury.
    • Vitamins there are a whole host of vitamins and supplement which are essential too overall health which will in turn make horses stronger.
    • Wellingtons are a key part of horse-riding equipment for mucking out, as not to damage your riding boots and to keep feet dry.
    • Y- Z – we have every type of horse-riding equipment you could ever need!

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