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  • Lunging and Training Aids for Beginners

    Lunging and training refers to the exercising a horse while it is attached to a lunge line, usually in a competing ring and encouraging them to complete a series of exercises. With the rider holding the lunge line in the opposite hand to the direction the horse is moving, instructions can be issued to the animal to get them to burn off energy, increase muscle elasticity and learn commands. Common commands include getting the horse to move through upward and downward transitions, halting the horse, changing direction and performing different styles of walk, trot and canter.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Ladies Breeches

    We all know that ladies’ breeches are the best thing to ride in for your bottom half, but why? Where did they come from? Why are there so many types and what are they all for? We’ve put together a guide to tell you everything you could ever need to know about ladies’ breeches!

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  • Our Newest Riding Equipment

    Just Horse Riders strive to provide one of the most eclectic ranges of horse riding equipment so that we can supply customers of all levels of experience, from all disciplines and of all backgrounds with everything they need to succeed at their craft. In order to achieve this we are constantly revising our stocks and adding new products to our shop, take a look below for an in depth view of our latest additions!


    JHR Adjustable VG1 Velvet Horse Riding Hat

    Designed for those in need of a velvet hat for competitions or those just starting out, this adjustable helmet comes in 4 sizes and is traditional in style. Complete with a carry bag for storage, a washable lining and an adjustable dial they are lightweight but hardwearing. Comfortably padded, the helmet is created with optimal impact absorption in mind and comes with a VG1 01.040 2014-12 safety standard mark.


    Shires Moretta Leather Gaiters – Adults

    As an important piece of riding equipment, these gaiters can help to achieve the smart appearance of long riding boots but with the comfort and flexibility of gaiters. The rear elasticated calf panels combine with soft leather for a close fit that moulds to the leg for maximum comfort. With dressage cut tops, full length zips, elastic foot stirrups and bound edges, they are ideal for those looking for a traditional look.


    Shires Aubrion Clifton Hunt Coat – Ladies

    Another Shires product amongst our riding equipment stocks is this stunning hunt coat that embodies the sporting tradition. With 100% wool frock and a tattersall check lining, the flattering tailoring is designed to close at the neck and accentuate the riders hips when sat atop a horse. Featuring a weatherproof lining to the skirt, back vent for breathability and a three-button fastening, it’s ideal for riding in any weather.

  • Horse Riding Equipment to Prepare for Autumn

    Nobody wants to wave the summer away, but once again autumn is on the way. While many sports retire or move inside, horse riders have no choice but to brave the elements and exercise their horse in any weather, so being prepared for this change is a must. Our latest pick of horse-riding equipment will get any rider ready for the cooler and wetter months, no matter what their discipline! Continue reading

  • Best Joint Supplements for Older Horses

    Older horses require a little more TLC than their sprightly young counterparts as just like ageing humans, they become slower and their joints start to wear and ache. Also akin to humans, arthritis affects older animals and this can be particularly hard on horses who stand, even to sleep sometimes! Taking care of them in their senior years involves balancing their diet so that they get all the necessary nutrients for overall health and using horse supplements for joints to ease their ailing bodies.

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  • Horse Supplements for Happy, Healthy Horses

    Health, nutrition and fitness are all essential when it comes to a horses performance and whether you’re competing in dressage events or just exercising in the yard, animals are happy when they are healthy. Depending on the work level, age, gender and breed of horse, the nutritional and fitness requirements required will differ, but there are a few key steadfast things that can promote overall health and wellbeing and the best way to achieve this is through introducing horse supplements.

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  • August Picks: Women’s Jodhpurs

    August is one of the most unpredictable months for weather in the UK, with blistering hot temperature an absolute washout both on record. Regardless of whether or not the sun is shining, horse owners still need to spend a lot of time of the yard, mucking out, exercising their ponies and preparing for events, and so being prepared for all eventualities is key this month. We’ve put together our favourite picks for the month in women’s jodhpurs.


    HyFASHION Performance Wear

    These women’s jodhpurs are designed with the rider in mind. As a lightweight and breathable micro-polyester breech, these trousers are ideal for rain or shine. The polyester means that the fabric has a certain water repellence and is quick drying in the event that you get caught out in a shower. On the other hand, they are light enough to wear on a hotter day, allowing your legs to breathe so you never risk overheating. What’s more, they are available in light pastel colours, perfect for matching with the season’s trends.


    Dublin Citron

    The Dublin Citron Gel Full Seat women’s jodhpurs are a midweight style, made from a technical fabric that providers the wearer with additional warmth. Ideal for cooler days, these trousers support in all the right places, helping to outline your silhouette and give you a smooth appearance. The silicone seat pad adds extra grip and stability when in the saddle and the addition of black diamante detailing on the front and back pockets gives them a fashionable look.


    HKM Softshell

    HKM softshell jodhpurs are breathable, highly water repellent and dirt repellent making them ideal for days spent mucking out or navigating through muddy fields. Made from elastic, imitation suede and artificial leather, they provide the rider with comfort and flexibility. Should they become soiled, they are easily machine washed and can even be tumble dried for convenience.

  • A Beginners Guide to Bridles

    Bridles are a simple piece of kit, designed to give riders better control over the horse, but if not the correct fit for your animal, it can create a vast array of difficulties for working horses. Simple bridle bit swaps and the right fitting technique can make the world of difference when it comes to horse riding and providing maximum comfort for the horse or pony.


    The Make-Up

    Horse bridles are made up of several individual parts which include a headstall, cheek pieces and a noseband that sits flat across the forehead, cheeks and nose. Bridles come in a variety of styles with simple and affordable models at one end and ornate and designers’ bridles at the other. The skin on a horse’s head is extremely thin and delicate and so finding a noseband that is hardwearing without being uncomfortable or damaging is key to maintain your horse’s health and your control. Some bridles have mouthpieces that sit at the back of a horse’s mouth and so making sure that the material is not an irritant for this piece is majorly important too.


    The Materials

    The parts of a bridle that sit on the face of a horse should be made from soft and flexible materials but should still be hardwearing. Regardless of what sort of riding discipline they will be used for, bridles will undergo lots of pressure, tension and tugging and so should be strong enough to withstand this, but without exerting unnecessary pressure on the horse’s skin. Leather is always the best option, but it can be tough at first so make sure you adequately soften it by bending and shaping it before first use. All adjoining bits should be made from metal ideally, which is smooth, easy to clean and non-toxic.


    To purchase a bridle today, head to our website where you will find an extensive range of brands and styles.

  • Lockdown Horse Riding Jobs

    If you are one of the many people still furloughed as a result of the pandemic, or even just have a reduced social calendar because of it and have extra time on your hands to fill, then we’ve got the perfect guide to lockdown horse jobs to get done! We all put off the mundane jobs like sorting through riding equipment and tidying up, but with more time available there is no excuses not to crack the whip and trot on with them!

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  • Our Best Selling Horse Supplements

    In today’s equestrian world, horse owners can buy a huge range of horse supplements to help support the health of their cherished animals. Different types can be found for everything from foot health and digestion through to help with nursing and conceiving. Whether you’re looking for something to ease a specific ailment or just want to support the all-round wellbeing of your animal, our best-selling range of horse supplements has something to suit.


    Garlic Granules

    Our 100% natural garlic granules are one of the best herbs in the world, with garlic use for health support dating back to Roman times. Research shows that the key compounds within; garlic, allicin, sulphur and vitamins help to support the maintenance of respiratory health and can be used as a day to day horse supplements for strength and wellbeing.


    NAF General Purpose Supplement

    This horse supplement is a vitamin and mineral mix designed for the horse or pony in light to moderate work. Although horses thrive on a high fibre diet, they often cannot get their necessary vitamins and minerals from forage alone, and this supplement helps to provide all the components needed to support a broad range of muscles, tissues, bones and compounds within the body.


    Barrier Aloe Vera Gel

    One hundred percent aloe vera gel contains a complex combination of vitamins and minerals that support the health of bones, skin and hair, for a luxurious mane and a healthy glow. Full of amino acids which are essential building blocks for all fibres within the body, this liquid formula can be fed directly or added to water supplies for an immune boost.


    Clop Cod Liver Oil

    Just as humans are known to take cod liver oil to support joints and relieve arthritis pain, the same horse supplement can be used to the same effect in horses.


    See our full range of horse supplements on our website.

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