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  • Gifts for Horse Riders – Stocking Fillers

    Now that we’re in the latter quarter of the year, we can officially say that Christmas is on the way which means that time to buy presents is running out! If you’re a horse owner, chances are there are a community of riders where you stable your horse that you’ll need to get a gift for, weather its your stable neighbour, a yard secret Santa or the owner of the land, stocking fillers are a great way of showing someone you care, without having to break the bank. We’ve rounded up some gifts for horse riders that are sure to be well received.

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  • Dublin Boots – Tall Edition

    Tall riding boots come into their own at this time of year, with the added protection they offer from the cold, wet and muddy conditions of autumn and winter. Covering the calf and the shin, tall riding boots allow the wearer an added layer of warmth and Dublin Boots have long been renowned for being some of the best in waterproofing and warmth, whilst still being fashionable. Weather you’re in the market for a pair of Dublin Boots for riding, or just for wearing as a fashionable piece of footwear, we’ve got a huge range on our site.

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  • Horse Supplements For Older Horses – What to Consider

    As horses age, they need a little more support in their diet to help keep their tissues, bones and muscles strong. The best horse supplements for older horses tend to be specially developed feeds, which are fortified with vitamins and minerals that help with several common issues that horses experience as they age. Feeds make it easier to get these elements into the horse, without causing distress or worrying weather or not they have a balanced diet.

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  • What Are Riding Spurs

    To the untrained rider, riding spurs are something seen only in old cowboy movies, used as a prop to add a menacing vibe to a shootout or the like, but actually, riding spurs are an extremely valuable piece of horse riding equipment. These metal tools attach to the heel of a riding boot and is used to instruct the horse to carry out various movements. They can be particularly useful in training, or when stubborn horses don’t respond well to natural aids like the seat, hands, legs or even voice commands and sends subtle signals to a horse that needs a little more impulsion.

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  • Lunging a Horse Well

    Lunging a horse well is the ideal basis of all training as it helps the animal to develop strength as well as the straightness for a horse to carry a rider safely. Like many things in the horse-riding world, the right technique for this practice is essential to ensuring that the horse learns the necessary skills and one way of ensuring this is with lunging and training tools.

    Why Lunging?

    The most important advantage of lunging and training is it makes it possible to work the horse on the correct bend. A horse’s natural bodily alignment when moving through a turn is very different from the alignment required to execute the same move but carrying a rider. Usually, a horse will bend their body against the turn with their head and quarters bent out and their mid falling inwards, but this is nota conducive riding position and so lunging and training can help them to reconfigure this.

    Lunging and Training Aids

    There are a huge number of gadgets available to help with lunging and training that are employed to encourage the horse to take the right shape. Items like side reigns, lunging ropes and headsets can be positioned and manipulated in a way that instructs the horse to move in a certain way, just like when you use traditional reigns when riding.

    When to Start Lunging and Training

    Many new riders will just have the experience of getting onto a trained horse and learning to ride with the aid of an instructor. All of the horses in this setting have already been lunged and are able to bend correctly. However, if you are purchasing a new horse or preparing a foal for riding then it is absolutely paramount that they complete lunging and training to strengthen their backs, before a rider ever sits on them.

  • Equine Supplements for Joints

    Like most living organisms, horses’ joints undergo a lot of stress, not only is everyday activity tasking on things like the knees, feet and ankles, but supporting the weight of a rider accentuates the decline of these mobilising body parts. This only intensifies with more intense activity like cantering, jumping and competing and so it is absolutely vital that you look after your animal with a selection of equine supplements for joints.

    Build Up Strength

    There are several signs of weakness to look out for in a horse’s joints with some being more obvious than others. Weakness doesn’t always equal pain and so it is important to look out for other important signs that the joints aren’t well supported. Buckling knees when walking or even a shortened stride on one particular side can indicate that their joints aren’t strong enough to support the activities you are putting them through. Obviously to build strength, regular activity is needed to help build muscles that work together with the joints to move the body, but equine supplements for joints can help to speed up the process. Support joints with a calcium and vitamin blend of feed, that will both strengthen bones and supporting tissues like tendons and ligaments.

    Reduce Inflammation

    If your horse is suffering from joint issues or has arthritis already, then part of managing that is to use equine supplements for joints that also ease pain. By reducing the inflammation in areas where the joint tissue has started to degenerate, natural remedies like turmeric, avocado extract and devils claw can help to fight the swelling and as a result, reduce friction within the affected joints, helping to limit the pain the horse experiences.

    For more information or to buy a selection of equine supplements for joints, visit our website.

  • Get Ahead with Horse Riding Gifts – Splurge Edition

    With Autumn now officially here and Christmas is just around the corner, so if you’re looking to get a head start on the festive horse riding gifts for the equestrian enthusiast in your life, we have a range of products to suit. In this blog, we’re discussing some of our more expensive suggestions if you’re looking to splurge or simply want a good quality product that will last longer and provide a better experience than their cheaper counterparts.

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  • Breaking Down Bitless Bridles

    Bitless bridles work on an entirely different concept from all other types of bridles. A bridle with a bit applies pressure to the sensitive parts of the mouth and allows the rider to communicate with the horse. Bitless bridles on the other hand work primarily through applying pressure through the nose, which is more robust and less easily damaged during the commanding process. Bitless bridles also distribute pressure evenly across the face, rather than just on sensitive areas, making the horse more comfortable and potentially improving performance.

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  • The Best Supplement for Arthritis

    As one of the most common conditions in horses, arthritis can affect both performance in working horses and even just lifestyle in non-working animals. Horses are heavy animals that are large in stature, their joints take a lot of strain over the years, which only intensifies when they are ridden, jumped or worked. Just like in humans, this condition is part of the normal aging process but no rider wants their horse to be in pain, so it is wise to introduce horse supplements as soon as they start to display symptoms, or if you plan on introducing an intense riding schedule.

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  • Autumn Picks: Horse Riding Equipment

    With Autumn arriving, it is time to switch out the lightweight summer horse riding equipment for the more robust and sturdy items needed to deal with the changing weather patterns. Whether you’re an all-weather rider or someone who lessens the intensity of their riding schedule during the colder months, there are several pieces that will be required, all of which can be found on our online equestrian store.

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