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Bridlewear For Beginners

For those starting out in the horse-riding world there is a lot of jargon to figure out and many techniques and lessons to learn, from saddling up to dressing appropriately the world of equestrian sport can be baffling at time, particularly when it comes to bridlewear. Notoriously difficult to put on a horse, this piece of kit can quite literally leave young riders in a twist, so we’ve put together a handy guide on what they do and why bridle wear is important.

What is Bridlewear?

Bridlewear is a broad term to describe all of the equipment and accessories used to control a horse, either for riding, handling or working. The items you need to will differ depending on what you’re looking to do, be it walking the horse using a rope or riding the horse with everyday tack. The most common items under this umbrella term include saddles, bridles, halters, bits, stirrups and reins.

What Does Bridlewear do?

All types of bridlewear help riders to control the horse comfortably and make riding more pleasant for both parties. The bridle itself is made up the headstall, bits and reins, which are used to apply pressure to parts of the horse’s face, which translate into instructions during riding. As the bridle is attached to the reigns, pulling on different parts and with different pressures initiates the horse to carry out a certain turn, movement or run.

Variations of Bridlewear

While using a simple bridle while starting out in equestrian sport, there are more advanced pieces of bridlewear suited for more complex riding techniques. Some include a chest harness which allows for greater control and is styled for dressage competitors so that they can teach the horse further instructions pertaining to the movement of more precise body parts.

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