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Warm Weather Horse Riding Supplies

Summer is trotting nearer and nearer to stable yards all over the country and winter horse riding supplies making their way into storage. With increasingly warm temperatures, both riders and ponies need to be equipped with the tools of their trade, but comfort and keeping cool need to be high on the agenda – particularly with eventing season being in full canter.

Cool Off Up Top

As the long-sleeved fleeces retire for another season, it’s tempting to opt for vest tops when riding in the blistering sunshine. But exercising your horse under the intense rays of the sun puts you at risk of painful sunburn, particularly if you have a long riding session, so it’s safe to opt for breathable t-shirts that cover your shoulders. We recommend adding a polo neck to your horse riding supplies, which offers the added benefit of protecting your neck and come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Swat Away Insects

Farms and stables are rife with wildlife and the warming temperatures often result in a wealth of flies and biting insects surrounding horses. Adding a fly to your horse-riding supplies is the perfect remedy for this issue, covering your horses’ body, back end and neck. There are even some variations that cover the head, ears and part of the face, which is ideal for riders who stable in areas near water which are more prone to flies. This handy piece of kit will help to prevent insects from biting or laying their eggs on the horse, preventing costly and uncomfortable diseases being spread.

Booting Up

Many riders opt for shorter styles of riding boot in the summer, in order to eliminate discomfort caused by longer styles in the heat. For your horse riding supplies we recommend opting for leather boot over a suede one as although the risk of rain is reduced in the summer months, the Great British weather is known for being rather variable!

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