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Saddle Up for Equestrian Events!

May is a big month in the equestrian calendar kicking off the much-anticipated eventing season! Regardless of whether you’re competing, spectating or just going for the day out there is a variety of riding equipment tailored for eventing season ensuring that both you and your pony make the most out of events and are prepared for all eventualities.

Calm Competitors

Just as you get nervous before competing, your horse also feels the jitters on the run-up to the big day. Not only can they sense the atmosphere but travelling to and from competing grounds can stress a horse out, and an anxious horse doesn’t make for a competent performer. Appease them with a Hubblick calm, low in sugar and with extracts of valerian and chamomile, this lick will help soothe the nerves and give your horse something to concentrate on, distracting them from the chaos of travelling.

Look the Part

Keen competitors know that being kitted out with the correct riding equipment is key to success, and this includes looking the part as well as walking the walk. Being presentable in a competition means having a well finished, preened and perfected appearance, in terms of clothing, make-up and hair. The HKM Hair Net with imitation diamonds is a stylish and sophisticated way to tame your mane, without having to worry about the wind impacting your look.

Finishing Touches

Competitions can be tense, so the last thing you want to be worrying about is the smaller things. Make sure you are well prepared in advance and have all the finishing touches in your riding equipment arsenal. Display your competing number with pride in one of our Shire Number bibs available in a range of colours.

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