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Equestrian Clothing for Children

Starting children off young with horse riding is a great way to teach them responsibility and respect for animals and will give them a hobby for life! Kitting them out with a few essential pieces of equestrian clothing will not only help them perform better when riding but will keep them safe, dry and warm, which is particularly important where the great British weather is concerned!

Hard Helmets

You can never be too over cautious with the safety of new riders and as the old saying goes; you’ve got to fall off a horse to get back on. Even the most advanced riders fall from their pony every now and again and it’s important that should this occur, your child’s head is protected from the hard ground beneath. Purchase this vital piece of equestrian clothing before sending your child to any classes to instil the values of safety into them and so that they can participate in a lesson, as most reputable instructors will turn a child away if they don’t wear a helmet!

Winter Trousers

While we would recommend purchasing a pair of jodhpurs for the summer, which are light, breathable and tight fitting for maximum control, many overlook the importance of a good winter trouser. These highly insulated and waterproof additions to the wardrobe will help ensure comfort and are practical for duties beside riding, such as mucking out or helping on the yard, which many riding schools expect from their students!

Riding Boots

Wearing riding boots around the yard and stables is important to protect your child’s feet, with lots of heavy bridlewear around and the ever-present risk of being trodden on by a horse, these robust and sturdy boots can help prevent injury. Besides acting as a barrier against danger, riding boots also offer riders superior control when on the horses back and provide support for all parts of the foot and leg, which can help them to advance in their control of the horse, when compared to other types of footwear.