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How to Care for Riding Boots

Riding boots are a staple wardrobe piece for any equine enthusiast and with proper care and attention they can last far beyond the eventing season. The amount of time you spend wearing your prised horse-riding boots will determine just how much aftercare they require to stay in top nick, but we’ve got some advice to keep them doing their job for longer!

Look After the Leather

One of the key parts of caring for horse riding boots is ensuring they stay weather-proof and keep your feet dry, so looking after the leather is a must. Regular cleaning is important to keep the material waterproof ensuring it is not weighed down by dirt and grime. Always use a leather cleaner as appose to household cleaners as these can react with the surface of the boot and make it deteriorate at a much faster rate. Never put them in the washing machine and if they do become wet, make sure to dry them naturally and avoid artificial heat sources which can cause cracking.

Bolster Good Habits

Just like looking after your horse, a regular routine is needed to ensure the maximum lifespan for horse riding boots, so getting into good habits will help extend their usage. Instead of cleaning them only when they become soiled, take some time out each week to apply leather polish which will reinforce the strength. Each time you take your boots off, it is highly recommended that you use a boot tree for storage to prevent the shaft of the boot collapsing and weakening, which can lead to poor support in the long run. As well as paying attention to the outside of the boot, regularly give the insides a wipe down and insert odour eliminators for pleasant wearing.