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Stable Accessories

Owning a horse or being a rider is no walk in the park and despite how glamourous it may seem to outsiders; horse riders know that there is a lot of work that goes into caring for you pony. There are a variety of accessories that can make the challenges easier though and they’re worth the investment early on to help you save time in the yard and spend more time in the fields.

Lead By Example

Rummaging in the tack cupboard to try and find the right head collar or lead amongst all the other equipment is a familiar struggle, so purchasing your own can save the frustration. Horse riders rely on both of these pieces of equipment to control the horse when it is not being ridden and can help calm them down when leading them from stable to field. Just Horseriders have an extensive range of head collars with different colours, patterns, padding levels and sizes.

Best Foot Forward

Keeping a horse’s feet clean when they are regular traipsing across yards, jumping through mud and trotting on trials is a daily job, but vital in ensuring overall foot health.  If you’re short on time or just stable in a particularly muddy area, investing in some boots to cover your horses feet or ankles can reduce the amount of mud that sticks to the leg area and cut cleaning times down drastically. Some types of boot can even offer shock protection which are ideal for horses learning to jump that may be prone to minor injuries.

Stable Hands

Horse riders will naturally spend a lot of time on yards and will be tasked with keeping their stables clean and providing the necessary comforts for a horse. Mucking out is one of the biggest jobs that is required on an almost daily basis but can be made easier with the right tools. A sturdy rake will be needed to remove soiled bedding, while a squeegee mop will be needed to clean the concrete beneath. A stable knife is handy to have for undoing large bales of hay or opening food bags, all of which are available on the Just Horseriders website.