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Horse Riding Clothing for Men

Horse Riding clothing stores are often dominated by women and children’s selections, which can be frustrating for men involved in riding, stable work or who own a horse of their own. Our online store has a huge range of clothing for men, including boots, jodhpurs and competition clothing, so there’s no need to search high and low for your equestrian essentials!

Everyday Riding

Horse riding clothing should allow for manoeuvrability and be breathable and lightweight, so the rider is comfortable and can easily exert control over the horse. We stock Mark Todd Breeches which feature a 4-way stretch fabric, a euro seat and no inner seam for extra comfort when riding. The ultra-grip knee patch is embossed with the logo and offer the superior grip of the saddle, even when cantering at speed. Available in a range of colours, there is a style for every taste.

New Shoe to Boot!

Whether you’re riding or just mucking out, horse riding boots offer protection against rain, mud, dirt or even a stray hoof landing on your foot, so needless to say they are an essential part of horse-riding clothing. Our HKM Jodhpur Boots are easy to slip on and their elasticated side gives a stronghold and lots of ankle support, while the none slip sole helps to prevent trips. Not to mention they are anatomically formed for superior comfort and super strong grip!

Competitive Clothing

Competitions call for something a little bit special and outfits often must adhere to a stringent dress code. Investing in a horse-riding jacket that is both smart and practical is key to looking, feeling and performing at your best on the big day. It doesn’t matter if you want to look effortlessly chic or modern and clean cut, we have a range of horse-riding jackets to suit a wide range of tastes.