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Spring Clean the Paddock!

It’s that time of year again when Spring cleaning duties need to be carried out in time for the busy summer and eventing season for equestrian enthusiasts. Giving the stable a thorough deep clean is ideally completed in this season, to help rid the horse’s area of any bacteria or virus that are waiting to be awakened by the warmth of summer. Better yet, a clean paddock is good for the rider’s wellbeing as they can rest easy in the knowledge that their pony is in a sanitary environment when they are not on the yard.

Remove Debris

The first port of call for riders looking to clean out the paddock is to remove absolutely everything inside. This doesn’t just mean tack and food buckets, horse owners will need to use a stable brush to sweep out all of the straw, waste and debris from the floor, ensuring even small particles of dust are removed. Use a chip fork to remove large quantities of bedding, before using a sweeping broom to get in between all of the crevices.


Once the paddock is free from debris and possessions, you’ll need to decontaminate the area, using a pressure washer and a stable brush to work in your chosen disinfectant. Make sure to employ a stiff-bristled stable brush to make sure that you can work the solution into every little nook and cranny, removing as many germs as possible. Start by cleaning the walls of the enclosure as well as the door of the paddock or stable, using a smaller brush to get into the corners and between any railings.

Clean the Tack

There’s no use cleaning out a stable only to fill it back up with dirty tack again, so make sure to set aside some time to clean and treat your bridles, saddles and footwear. Use a small stable brush, such as a dandy to apply a material-specific cleaner to all tack before drying thoroughly with a microfibre towel.

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