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The Best Respiratory Supplement for Horses

There is always a challenge present to a horse’s respiratory system, whether it’s the pollen in the field during the spring and summer months or the increased stable time in the winter which results in more exposure to dust from bedding. Reducing their exposure to such contaminants is key to ensuring a healthy respiratory tract but there are also some respiratory supplements for horses that can help build their defences to the things they breathe in.


Herb Based

Keeping a horse’s airways are the clear, maintaining the lungs natural defences and soothing any irritation is key for all horse owners whether they compete, train or just enjoy the company of horses. If a horse’s airways do become agitated, they are likely to become distracted and distressed, not to mention opening the doors for infection and general unwellness to strike.  Herb based respiratory supplements for horses should be employed to help alleviate any discomfort, something like Bronchio Syrup from HKM can reduce the inflammation of the throat and is a sweet liquid that horses are naturally drawn too, so administering is easy. If the irritation has been caused by dust, then Herbal Koff Syrup is specially formulated and is fortified with glycerine, aniseed and liquorice for a cooling effect.


Anti Oxidants

Aside from the reactive introduction of herbal-based products, horse owners should also take preventative measures. Introducing respiratory supplements for horses that contain antioxidants such as Vitamin E can help protect the animal from any damage caused by inhaled contaminants. These solutions can be ingested just as a human would a vitamin and the most effective form is a multivitamin, which makes administering a little easier on both owner and pony, as all the valuable minerals can be given in one go. One cup for horses by GwF contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals and as the name suggests, only a cup per day is needed to maintain a healthy balance.