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Joint & Soundness Supplements for Horses

Horses joints have to cope with extreme forces, particularly when they are jumping, running or training for competitions. The added weight of a rider can exert a lot of stress over a horse’s joints, with the cartilage often showing signs of wear and tear. Nobody wants their horse to become lame but without proper care and attention to their joints, this is a very real possibility, particularly as the early signs can be difficult to spot. Introducing joint and soundness supplements to their diet is one sure-fire way to keep their cartilage protected, strong and ready to face any equestrian challenge.


Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Glucosamine is the most reputable and scientifically proven aid in joint improvement which replicates a type of sugar that naturally occurs in cartilage and connective tissue of horses. Glucosamine is particularly effected when it is found in a joint and soundness supplement alongside Chondroitin which is a structural component of tough connective tissues and bones, which helps repair any existing fibrous damage, while the glucosamine numbs the pain for the animal. Both of these chemicals can be found in our Boehringer Ingelheim Equitop Glme available as a 750g tub.


Devils Claw

Herbal bute or Devils Claw as it is known is an anti-inflammatory herb that is native to Africa. As a herbal substitute to common medicines, it has very little side effects and has been consistently shown to make measurable improvements in joint and muscle movements. This joint and soundness supplement is well suited to older horses as besides improving suppleness, Devils Claw has been found to ease stiffness, soreness, bruising and strains which are more likely to be picked up by senior animals. Our range of supplements has Devils Claw readily available in liquid, gel and powder form for easy administrating.

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