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Riding Tights: Style Guide

Over the last few years riding tights have surged in popularity both with equestrians and mere mortals! With so many variations now available on the market, these high-waisted and comfortable trousers are ideal for many pursuits be it riding, mucking out, having coffee with friends or even just lazing around the house in. As suppliers of riding tights, we’ve put together this style guide to help you understand their features, how to style them and when to wear them!

Fantastic Features

The main draw of riding tights is the comfort they provide, they’re made from stretch fabric and just slip on so there’s no irritation from fastenings like buttons or zippers. They fit the wearer like a second skin which allows for total freedom of movement making them perfect for riding or physical activity. Aside from being lightweight and thin, riding tights are uniquely versatile, with sportier versions designed for maximum breathability and winter variations with thick linings, they are an ideal year-round wardrobe essential for any rider.


How to Wear Them


Yard Work – If you’re wearing riding tights for general maintenance, riding tights are perfect because you can move about, bens and stretch with no restrictions. We’d recommend choosing a darker colour to hide hairs and stains showing up. Pair them with a breathable base layer in the spring and in summer, and a fleece-lined waterproof jacket in the winter.


Riding – Depending on your discipline, the riding tights required may differ. Most pairs come with silicone grips for extra stability on the saddle, but where these are placed is important. Full seat riding tights are ideal for hacking and flatwork as they grip fast and won’t allow for any slippage. Knee patch tights help to keep knees secure allowing riders to move up and out of the saddle easily, which is ideal for jumping practice.


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