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Dublin River Boots – A Guide of Uses and Maintenance

It won’t surprise you to know that Dublin River Boots are one of our best-selling products. Their versatility, durability, and design are popular among the vast majority of riders. However, if you’re just getting into riding or just slinging yourself into the saddle of this trend, we’ve put together this guide to the uses and maintenance of the Dublin River Boot.


Mucking Out & Other Chores

The Dublin River Boot is a popular option to be worn day to day because of its comfortably flexible leather and waterproof qualities. In addition, the tie at the top of the boot helps keep unwanted straw and hay from sliding into your socks.

Casual Riding

For those who don’t know what they might get up to at the stables today, the Dublin River Boot is a good choice because of its versatility. You can go from mucking out, as mentioned above, straight into the saddle with these fantastic boots. Their stylish leather in various colours will match any outfit, giving any rider a polished aesthetic.

Care Guide:

Taking care of your boots will not only make them look better but will also help them last longer and remain comfortable. We recommend that you routinely follow these five steps to ensure a happy boot.

Firstly, wipe off any dust, dirt, and liquids that are on the boot with a warm damp cloth at the end of every day.

Secondly, ensure you air dry them naturally. Never use direct heat.

Thirdly, on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on how much use you get out of your boots, use a sponge to apply leather conditioner to soften and moisturise. Then wipe away with a cloth after five minutes.

Fourthly, always follow up conditioning your boot with a beeswax or boot polish treatment. Rub the polish in with a soft cloth, leave to dry, then buff and shine.

Lastly, use a weatherproofing spray, especially in the winter, to reduce damage.

You can find our Dublin River Boots here or browse our website for more products.