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Dublin River Boots – Beyond the Paddock

Dublin river boots were made for riders, by riders and are one of the most easily identifiable boots around today. Worn both in and out of the paddock by horse riders and non-equine enthusiasts alike, these boots have a steadfast reputation for comfort, versatility and fashion. They are so versatile that they even straddle the equine disciplines, so what can they be used for?


Mucking Out

It’s not the most glamourous job in the world but it is part of the parcel of horse ownership. You can muck out wearing Dublin River Boots and feel a little more elegant without having to worry about them being soiled. These boots come with a waterproof membrane which allows dirt and moisture to slide off the surface, so you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing them later.


Walking Around The Yard

Every once in a while, riders are required to spend a long day on the yard where no riding takes place at all! It’s something every horse owner will experience, doing chores, moving hay or even just stocking up for the winter. Being on your feet for a long period of time requires sturdy and comfortable footwear that offers support in all the right places, and the Dublin River Boot is exactly that. Featuring the RCS footbed system, these cushioned soles support the balls of the feet all day long, providing comfort to busy riders.


Riding in Any Weather

Developed with a sweat control lining at the top of the boot, Dublin river boots are both breathable and have a DRI-LEX lining that is designed to remove moisture. So whether you’re hacking out in the rain or sweating it out under the sunshine, these boots assure the riders feet are dry, cool and comfortable at all times.


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