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Welcome to the Chomp Shop: An Exploration of Horse Mouth Bits

In this amusing yet informative exploration of the equine oral universe, we'll help you make sense of the world of Horse Mouth Bits at Just Horse Riders. So, whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a newbie, sit tight (preferably in a saddle), as we trot through your questions.

What Bit Should I Put on My Horse?

Selecting the right horse bit is as intricate as choosing a pair of comfortable shoes. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario; it's about finding the right fit. Your horse’s comfort, temperament, training, and the type of riding you're doing all play a part. If you're after gentleness, then the SHIRES EQUIKIND MULLEN FULL CHEEK SNAFFLE could be your bit. Its Equikind material is softer on the mouth, perfect for horses with a sensitive touch. Notably, the full cheek component aids in steering - a splendid choice for young horses or those in the early stages of training.

What Are the Different Types of Horse Bits and Their Purpose?

Walking into the world of horse bits can be a tad overwhelming with its snaffles, gags, curbs, and more. Let's demystify these equestrian enigmas. A Snaffle, like the SHIRES LOOSE RING COPPER LOZENGE SNAFFLE, is a direct-rein bit that applies pressure on the horse’s mouth, lips, and bars. The copper lozenge encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit, offering a double whammy of control and comfort. The Eggbutt, like our SHIRES EQUIKIND RIPPLE EGGBUTT, is a variation of the snaffle with fixed cheekpieces to prevent pinching at the corners of the mouth. It's excellent for horses who don’t like the movement of a loose ring.

What Are the Main Horse Bits?

Just like a visit to the dentist, we've got to understand the main tools of the trade. Let's introduce the all-stars of the bit world. Enter stage right, the SHIRES BLUE SWEET IRON LOOSE RING WITH MULLEN. A variation of the snaffle, this bit has a sweet iron mouthpiece that rusts over time, releasing a sweet taste that many horses find palatable. And who could ignore our unsung hero, the SHIRES FLEXIBLE RUBBER MOUTH SNAFFLE? Rubber bits are often used for horses with sensitive mouths as they are softer than traditional metal bits. Flexibility for the win!

Do Horse Bits Cause Pain?

It's a common misconception that horse bits cause pain. The truth is, a correctly fitted and appropriately used bit shouldn't cause discomfort. Bit-related issues often stem from improper use or the wrong type of bit for the horse's needs. Equine oral health and regular dental check-ups are also vital. Remember, a comfortable horse is a happy horse, and a happy horse makes for a joyous ride. Remember, at Just Horse Riders, we don’t just sell horse bits. We're here to provide information and make sure you and your horse have the best experience possible. Your horse’s comfort is our top priority, and our range of Horse Mouth Bits has something for every horse, every mouth, and every rider. Happy Riding!