Battles 10% Iodine Solution - One Colour
This product is a concentrated skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. (The 5 litre Iodine must be ordered in quantities of 10 and the 2 litre in quantities of 20 due to ADR regulations).
Battles 10% Iodine Spray - One Colour
A concentrated skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. Comes in a convenient spray pack.
Battles Administration Gun - Ovaloid/Trace Element - One Colour
This is For the administration of ovaloids and trace element tablets. Set contains two ends suitable for each product.
Battles Animal Shampoo - One Colour
This shampoo from Battles is a concentrated cleansing shampoo with a medicated fragrance for that perfect show or sale ring preparation.
Battles Antibacterial Multi - One Colour
All-purpose sanitiser with anti-bacterial action suitable for periodic deep sanitising, daily maintenance and hygiene control across all washable hard surfaces. Passes EN 1276 which is the European Standard that ensures the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants are effective against controlling...
Battles Antibacterial Surface Wipes - One Colour
- All purpose muti-surface wipes - Use on walls, floors, tabletops, seating, fittings and fixtures - Antibacterial action across all washable hard surfaces - Kills 99.999% of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella and E-Coli
Battles Black Anti-Bacterial Powder - One Colour
An anti-bacterial powder for use on horses.
Battles Black Fluid - One Colour
This is a water miscible black fluid for general use
Battles Brown Salve - One Colour
Made to the original Fell Dales recipe containing a mixture of lanolin, wool grease and fine quality pine tar. This salve offers the traditional and time-proven shield against summer fly worry in dairy cows and heifers. This product is easy...
Battles Caustic Soda - One Colour
These are For all household purposes: cleaning lavatories, drains, sinks etc.
Battles Chalk Powder - One Colour
To enhance white areas of the coat prior to showing. In an easy to use sprinkler pack.
Battles Clean & Guard - One Colour
This is A powerful, time-saving antimicrobial cleaning system with microbiostatic action that combines physics with chemistry to create this amazing product.
Battles Cod Liver Oil - One Colour
Battles Cod Liver Oil is an effective and nutritious source of essential Omega 3 & 6, a fatty acid vital in the synthesis of protein for muscle recovery. This stabilised blend offers valuable, economical and long-term nutrition for year-long maintenance...
Battles Copper Sulphate - One Colour
This Copper Sulphate from Battles is a blue powder which can be used for many agricultural reasons. These include the control of fungal diseases, copper deficiency correction in soil and animals, growth for fattening pigs and broiler chickens, and for...
Battles Cow Salve - One Colour
The traditional soothing and protective salve for use on cows udders. Used by farmers for generations.
Battles Dairy Fly Spray - One Colour
A ready-to-use fly spray containing natural pyrethrins for a fast knock down of all flies and insects. Treats cow sheds, milking parlours, pig and poultry housing, manure heaps and slurry pits. For easy application use the Battles Trigger Sprayer code:...
Battles Embrocation - One Colour
This is The finest traditional white oil embrocation for use on all livestock.
Battles Epsom Salts - One Colour
For general veterinary use.
Battles Ewe Drink - One Colour
A tonic and cordial for exhaustion in ewes after lambing. Also suitable for administration for chills, fever, etc.
Battles First Aid Carrying Case - One Colour
For carrying human or veterinary items. Green case that depicts first aid symbol. (Supplied empty) .
Battles Gentian Violet Spray - One Colour
This Purple spray from Battles comes with 0.5% violet for application to minor cuts and scratches. Non-sting aqueous formulation
Battles Glucose Powder - One Colour
An energy source for all livestock.
Battles Glycerine B.P. - One Colour
This is For general veterinary use.
Battles Hand Sanitiser Aerosol Spray - One Colour
- All purpose sanitiser with antibacterial action - A strong bactericidal and viricidal alcohol based formula - Works against many different bacteria and viruses - Fully tested to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650 - Long lasting protection
Battles Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall Mounted) - One Colour
Battles Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall Mounted) - Constructed from ABS plastic with a robust push-bar - Quick and easy to change refills - Colour: white - Mounting: Either double-sided adhesive tape or screw mounting - Quick and easy to refill
Battles Hand Sanitiser Gel - One Colour
- Quick drying sanitiser gel with antibacterial action - A strong bactericidal and viricidal 70% alcohol based formula - Works against many different bacteria and viruses - Capable of killing 99.999% of bacteria - Long lasting protection
Battles Hoof Saver Biotin - One Colour
A complementary feed supplement to provide the optimum intake of biotin to ensure healthy hoof condition. Formulated on a glucose base for maximum palatability.
Battles Horse & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid - One Colour
This liquid from Battles is an effective fly repellent for use on horses and cattle. Containing DEET and the natural fly repellent PMD. HSE 7835
Battles Iodine Solution - One Colour
A general purpose skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock.
Battles Iodine Spray - One Colour
This spay from Battles is a general purpose skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. In a convenient spray container. 2.5% Iodine Spray
Battles Ketosis Drench - One Colour
This is A nutritional aid for the management of bovine ketosis and pregnancy toxaemia in ruminants. Contains polypropylene glycol.
Battles Maggot Oil - One Colour
This Oil from Battles is a soothing skin dressing and effective fly repellent, for use in sheep when fly strike and maggots are a problem.
Battles Obstetrical Lubricant - One Colour
A lubricating gel for use during lambing, calving and farrowing.
Battles Pig Oil - One Colour
Skin conditioning oil for pigs. For use in a similar way to how we use baby oil!
Battles Pine Disinfectant - One Colour
A fragrant pine odour disinfectant for general cleaning.
Battles Potassium Permanganate - One Colour
For routine fumigation use at the rate of 1.5oz of Potassium Permanganate to 2.5 fl.oz. of Formaldehyde 40% for each 100 cubic feet.
Battles Poultry Antibacterial Powder - One Colour
An effective antibacterial preparation for application to minor wounds and scratches on poultry.
Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar - One Colour
This is A useful addition to the poultry diet maintaining inner health promoting effective food utilisation and optimising appearance. You can Simply add to the drinking water.
Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar & Garlic - One Colour
Will maintain inner health, promote effective food utilisation as well as offering the numerous beneficial properties of natural garlic.
Battles Poultry Comb & Wattle Winter Protector - One Colour
For application to the comb and wattle for effective protection against the harsh winter conditions.
Battles Poultry Drink - One Colour
This Drink from Battles contains a selection of 5 minerals in a high energy sugar syrup base. To support all round condition and health in Poultry. Easy-to-use just add directly to the drinking water or daily ration. Ideal for birds...
Battles Poultry Easyverm - One Colour
Effective management of intestinal health in poultry. Controls intestinal health naturally. Contains nine important herbs including wormwood and garlic, together with iron to protect against anaemia and Echinacea which is good for the immune system.
Battles Poultry House Disinfectant & Cleaner - One Colour
The Ready to use powerful protection for poultry, that Smells fresh too!
Battles Poultry Louse Powder - One Colour
A ready-to-use insecticidal powder for use in animal houses. Containing Permethrin it will be effective against mites lice and fleas. For application to bedding and housing used by infested birds. Rapid kill with sustained residual activity. Use in conjunction with...
Battles Poultry Red Mite Powder - One Colour
This product Gives lasting protection against mites and lice. Now Containing a new generation insect repellent this product can be applied directly onto the bird. Simply apply the powder directly from the shaker over the affected areas of the bird....
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