Maxavita Maxamare - One Colour
A liquid supplement formulated to support the mare during seasonal changes. Contains chasteberry, marshmallow and passion flower. Added together these ingredients assist in supporting the pituitary gland, therefore help maintain and regulate normal hormone function.
Maxavita Maxabreathe - N/A
This product from Maxavita is designed to help maintain clear and healthy airways. Key anti-oxidant ingredients, including vitamin C, work alongside soothing green lipped mussel to help clear congestion, reduce coughing and ease irritated airways. A special respiratory herbal blend...
Maxavita Maxacalm - N/A
This product from Maxavita is a magnesium-based blend containing green lipped mussel, l-tryptophan and soothing herbs. Green lipped mussel is a potent source of omega 3 fatty acids which are known to aid concentration levels and improve brain health. A...
Maxavita Maxaflex - N/A
This supplement from Maxavita is designed to be an all-round joint supplement combining the soothing power of green lipped mussel with glucosamine, MSM and HA to help maintain long and short term joint health and to support mobility. The key...
Maxavita Maxahoof - N/A
This product from Maxavita is a premium nutritional blend designed to help promote strong and healthy hoof growth. With key active ingredients including soothing green lipped mussel, biotin, calcium and MSM plus added vitamins, it ensures that all the necessary...
Maxavita Maxapower - N/A
This product from Maxavita is a unique muscle building formula designed to optimise muscle function, increase stamina and improve recovery rates in hard working horses. MaxaPower is packed full of essential amino acids, Green Lipped Mussel and the powerful Gamma...
Maxavita Pernamax Canine Tablets - N/A
These tablets from Maxavita are a revolutionary canine health supplement designed to soothe stiff sore and aching joints in a pure and natural way. A unique Dual Action product with optimum levels of Glucosamine MSM Vitamin D and Calcium to...
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