Tusk Agrivite Baby Chick Flint Grit - N/A
A form of non-soluble grit that once eaten sits in the chick's crop and aids the digestion of food by breaking it down. It is a very fine grade of flint grit especially selected for chicks.
Tusk Agrivite Chicken Flint Grit - N/A
A form of non-soluble grit that once eaten sits in the bird's crop and aids the digestion of food by breaking it down. This type of grit also helps prevent the bird becoming crop bound.
Tusk Agrivite Chicken Oyster Shell Grit - N/A
A form of soluble grit with a slow rate of calcium release. This should be fed whenever you are looking for strong, good quality and consistent egg shells. It also increases the bone strength of the bird.
Tusk Agrivite Mixed Chicken Grit - N/A
A blend of both soluble grit, which ensures good strong and attractive eggshells and non-soluble grit, which stays in the bird's crop to aid digestion of food.
Tusk Agrivite Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy - One Colour
A complementary feed supplement designed to assist with recovery from the symptoms of a red mite attack. Contains a wide selection of vitamins, chelated trace elements, iron and key minerals. All of these combined are particularly effective at aiding a...
Tusk Chicken Lickin Nutri-Peck Block - N/A
This Block comes with a unique nutritional pecking block containing a specially selected mixture of grains, seed, grits and herbal extracts designed to provide nutritional support and occupational therapy for chickens. Especially useful to combat nutritional deficiencies associated with feather-pecking....
Tusk Heat Lamp Infra- Traditional Intelec - One Colour
This traditional lamp has a spun aluminium shade with domed wire guard and is complete with all fittings and 1.5m suspension chain. Suitable for ES27 screw infra-red bulbs up to 250W (bulb not supplied).
Tusk Intelec Hard Glass Infra- Bulb Ruby - One Colour
Hard glass bulbs resistant to water splashes. ES fitting, CE marked and attractively packed.
Tusk Smite Organic Powder - N/A
An organic, naturally mined mineral product made up of fossilised remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It contains no pesticides or chemicals and kills insect pests by breaking down the waxy exoskeleton and then absorbing lipids and body...
Tusk Smite Organic Scaly Leg Spray - One Colour
A natural deterrent against scaly leg mite which can be sprayed directly onto the legs of birds. It works by covering the epidermis of the bird's skin in a protective film which cuts off the oxygen supply to the mites....
Tusk Smite Professional Rtu Spray - N/A
This spray from Tusk is fast action powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. Red mite and parasite treatment and disinfectant, effective against mite and parasite eggs. Highly efficient cleaner and super degreasant, ideal for removing organic matter...
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