Volac Asgold - N/A
A dietetic feeding stuff for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance. Use where there is digestive upset or disturbance (diarrhoea) or as directed by your vet. Can be fed on its own, mixed with water or added to milk...
Volac Calf Volostrum - N/A
A natural high protein, high energy colostrum substitute. Guaranteed high nutritional specification to help give young calves the best start.
Volac Ewe 2 Minisuckler - N/A
For use with ewe 2 lamb feeder.
Volac Lamb Volostrum
A natural alternative to colostrum to be fed whenever ewe colostrum is unavailable or in short supply. Highly digestible source of energy helps reduce risk of hypothermia. Consistent quantity and quality guaranteed. Hygienic, easy to use individual sachets. Two year...
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