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  • Springs Most Stylish Adults Jodhpurs

    Whatever the weather, jodhpurs are a vital piece of horse-riding wear, enabling the wearer to be comfortable, whilst asserting control over a horse. Available in a range of styles, materials and lengths, choosing the pair most suited to you can be tough, so we’ve collated a range of our most stylish picks for spring.

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  • Spring Clean Your Riding Equipment

    The long-awaited spring conditions are returning and with it the temperatures are getting warmer, meaning it’s time to give your tack cupboard a spring clean. For some, this means folding away the winter rugs and giving the stable a good going over and for others, it means out with the old and in with the new. If you’re taking the latter approach, our simple spring must haves should be a necessary part of your springtime riding equipment.

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  • 3 Grooming Accessories to Treat Your Horse

    Every equine enthusiast get’s excited about new horse rider equipment, be it a shiny new pair of jodhpurs or a competition shirt. But just as we treat ourselves to new clothing and tools to help us be better riders, it’s important the horse is kitted out with the necessary items too and as your partner in crime, it’s nice to treat your horse to some new bits every now and again.  We’ve compiled three pieces of horse rider equipment that will please both you and your prised pony.

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  • New Year, New Horse Rider Supplies

    The turn of a new year is an ideal time to refresh your horse rider supplies and with many retailers selling off older stock to make way for new, it’s a good time to grab a bargain. Whether you need a total wardrobe overhaul or are in need of a few added extras to see you through the year, we’ve listed our top 3 products to get in 2019.

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  • This Seasons Must Have Equestrian Clothing

    One of the most unique things about horse riding is that it is by far one of the most fashionable and elegant sports and like all types of fashion, as the season changed so do the must- haves. After all, as any experienced rider will know, many competitions score not only on performance but overall appearance of both competitor and horse. So now that autumn is passing, and winter is on the way, what are the key pieces of equestrian clothing for effortless winter style?

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  • The Most Practical Riding Accessories

    There’s no denying that riding a horse, be it for leisure or competition, comes with a lot of baggage. We don’t mean metaphorically – there is literally tonnes to consider. Even going out into the field for a quick exercise session, demands the most meticulous planning, but with a range of horse-riding accessories, you can help to reduce your mental load and keep all your tack, equipment and clothing in good nick.

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  • Warm Up Winter Riding

    With the good old-fashioned British winter on the way, you’re probably looking for some cosy clothing to keep you warm, after all a horse still needs riding come rain or shine! With our range of ladies and men’s jodhpurs you can be warm, dry and winterproof all while looking stylish. Take a look at our top pics for winter ladies and men’s jodhpurs below!

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  • A Beginners Guide to Horse-riding Equipment

    You may have recently made the decision to start horse riding but aren’t sure what you need. It’s an issue that everybody faces when they first take the dip into equestrianism but don’t worry, at Just Horse Riders we’re here to help decide what horse riding equipment you require in the early days.

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  • Finding the Best Fit – Horse Riding Boots

    Whether you’re an experienced rider, stable hand or it’s your first time in the saddle, a good horse-riding boot cannot be overlooked. Combining style with functionality, riding boots are an essential piece of equestrian dress and a necessary part of the kit with any horse rider. Regardless of your experience level, we can offer everything you need to know in our comprehensive guide. Continue reading

  • Jodhpurs or Breeches?

    Even in experienced riding communities the terms ‘jodhpurs’ and ‘breeches’ are often interchangeable and deciphering which you need can be challenging, especially if the difference isn’t obvious, which is usually the case. So, what are they? Continue reading

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