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  • Horse Riding Clothing for Men

    Horse Riding clothing stores are often dominated by women and children’s selections, which can be frustrating for men involved in riding, stable work or who own a horse of their own. Our online store has a huge range of clothing for men, including boots, jodhpurs and competition clothing, so there’s no need to search high and low for your equestrian essentials!

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  • Saddle Up for Summer

    Summer is a great time of year for horse riders, as the days get lighter and longer, you know that you get to spend a little more time with your horse, or perhaps perfect a certain aspect of riding. But despite the luscious weather and warmer temperatures, it can be a difficult time of year for horses, particularly as increasing numbers of pests mean they’re more prone to both irritation and disease. We’ve compiled a list of horse-riding equipment to help you and your pony saddle up for summer.

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  • Stable Accessories

    Owning a horse or being a rider is no walk in the park and despite how glamourous it may seem to outsiders; horse riders know that there is a lot of work that goes into caring for you pony. There are a variety of accessories that can make the challenges easier though and they’re worth the investment early on to help you save time in the yard and spend more time in the fields.

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  • Essential Horse Supplements

    Just like humans, horses’ immune systems need to be in tip-top condition in order for them to be fit and healthy and they can benefit from supplements being introduced into their diet. There is all manner of different supplements that are both natural and synthetic that can do anything from increase their mineral intake, strengthen their bones or even calm them down. We’ve put together a guide on the different types of horse supplements and what they do.

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  • How to Care for Riding Boots

    Riding boots are a staple wardrobe piece for any equine enthusiast and with proper care and attention they can last far beyond the eventing season. The amount of time you spend wearing your prised horse-riding boots will determine just how much aftercare they require to stay in top nick, but we’ve got some advice to keep them doing their job for longer!

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  • Equestrian Clothing for Children

    Starting children off young with horse riding is a great way to teach them responsibility and respect for animals and will give them a hobby for life! Kitting them out with a few essential pieces of equestrian clothing will not only help them perform better when riding but will keep them safe, dry and warm, which is particularly important where the great British weather is concerned!

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  • Essential Equestrian Clothing

    Like any other sport horse riding has its novices and its fair share of professionals, but regardless of the level of riding, all riders can benefit from the correct equestrian clothing. While beginners to the sport may be reluctant to splash out on some of the kit, it’s a worthwhile investment as not only does equestrian clothing help improve performance but keeps both the rider and pony safe.

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  • Saddle Up for Equestrian Events!

    May is a big month in the equestrian calendar kicking off the much-anticipated eventing season! Regardless of whether you’re competing, spectating or just going for the day out there is a variety of riding equipment tailored for eventing season ensuring that both you and your pony make the most out of events and are prepared for all eventualities.

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  • Warm Weather Horse Riding Supplies

    Summer is trotting nearer and nearer to stable yards all over the country and winter horse riding supplies making their way into storage. With increasingly warm temperatures, both riders and ponies need to be equipped with the tools of their trade, but comfort and keeping cool need to be high on the agenda – particularly with eventing season being in full canter. Continue reading

  • Bridlewear For Beginners

    For those starting out in the horse-riding world there is a lot of jargon to figure out and many techniques and lessons to learn, from saddling up to dressing appropriately the world of equestrian sport can be baffling at time, particularly when it comes to bridlewear. Notoriously difficult to put on a horse, this piece of kit can quite literally leave young riders in a twist, so we’ve put together a handy guide on what they do and why bridle wear is important.

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