Disinfectants & Cleaners

  • Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant

    This barrier spray is ready to use, safe, pleasant smelling spray formulated to clean and disinfect all in one.

  • Cleanround Fragranced Yard Wash

    This product is DEFRA tested next generation technology that kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, whilst being safe to use for all animals, humans and the environment.

  • Jeyes Fluid

    This product can be used for a multitude of outdoor cleaning tasks, from neutralising odours and killing bacteria in and around drains, to disinfecting after pet fouling or clearing up wild and domestic bird mess.

    Price From: £10.95
  • Jeyes Fluid Multi-Purpose Spray

    This product is designed for smaller areas, it is now available as a handy pre-diluted, ready to use trigger spray.

  • Jeyes Fluid Freshbin Cool Linen

    This product is a disinfectant powder that kills germs and eliminates nasty odours from your bin.

  • Dupont Virkon S

    This product is a powerful broad-spectrum, multi-purpose virucidal disinfectant, with exceptional safety profile towards man and animals.

  • Evans Vanodine Fam 30

    An iodophor disinfectant that quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Active in the presence of organic matter.


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