• Roguard RatBox Xtra

    Made from a tough plastic, weatherproof construction allowing indoor and outdoor use. Bait is kept fresh and away from non-target animals. Dimensions: 11" x 10" x 5".

  • Roguard Wide Piper

    This heavy duty PVC rat bait dispenser has a clear gravity feed tube allowing instant visual check on bait take. Keeps bait dry and free from contamination. Reducers in the dispenser which discourage entrance of other creatures.

  • STV Ultra Power Block Bait2 Killer Station Refill

    This fast acting formula kills rat sand mice in one feed. Can be used with the STV566 – Ultra Power Block Bait2 Rat Killer Station or STV565 – Ultra Power Mouse Killer2 Station.

    Price From: £9.95
  • Tomcat Rodent Station

    Tamper resistant, keeping bait fresh and effective.

  • BASF Roguard Wide Piper

    This product is manufactured from heavy duty PVC, the wide piper is ideal for use both indoors and outside.

  • Groom Away Natural Pest Away Body Wash

    This is A 100% natural body wash, to thoroughly clean and remove unwanted guests, including chorioptic mite and Lice without the need to rinse. Stops itching, calms and soothes irritated and bitten areas by penetrating deep into the hair and coat.

    Price From: £12.95
  • Rentokil Insect Foggers

    Use where flies or flying insects cause problems such as main rooms, lofts or garages.

  • Rentokil Wasp Killer Powder

    Fast, effective treatment of wasps nests in the ground, in banks and in walls. The powder should be puffed swiftly and thoroughly in to the entrance. Contains Bendiocarb.


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