1. Shires Studs - Soft Terrain

    Shires Studs - Soft Terrain

    These metal studs are ideal for use on soft/deep ground. Learn More
  2. Shires Studs - Wet Terrain

    Shires Studs - Wet Terrain

    These hexagonal metal studs are for maximum grip, ideal for use on wet, deep, boggy ground. Learn More
  3. Shires Studs - Firm Terrain

    Shires Studs - Firm Terrain

    These are designed for road surfaces and firm, dry ground. Learn More
  4. Shires Studs - Loose Terrain

    Shires Studs - Loose Terrain

    These metal studs are designed for soft ground such as well watered grass arenas or loose sand surfaces. Learn More
  5. Shires Studs - Varying Terrain

    Shires Studs - Varying Terrain

    These studs are designed with a point making them ideal for hard slippery ground. Learn More

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