Nutrition & Supplements

  • TopSpec Electrolytes

    TopSpec Electrolytes are designed to help compensate for electrolyte loss after heavy sweating, feeding them correctly will benefit the horse.

    Price From: £21.95
  • Top Stock Headshaking

    Top Stock Headshaking Formula is a tried and tested formula that works to reduce the miserable affliction of headshaking. Taking unridable horses to happy and content horses.

  • Top Stock Calming Detox

    Calming/Detox Formula is an organic equine health supplement made with deep sea kelp.

  • Thomas Pettifer Haemofer B

    A palatable high iron and vitamin supplement with added B12. Minerals, vitamins and trace elements are provided from natural sources of liquid yeast and seaweed.

  • Thomas Pettifer Clean Boy

    A gentle sheath cleaner containing natural ingredients including Tea Tree Oil and Calendula in a special surfactant base. Antifungal and antibacterial properties.

  • Super Supplement Vita-Sorb

    Contains essential nutrients that are vitally important for the production of red blood cells.

  • Super Supplement Soya Oil

    A valuable, natural source of energy. Containing Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids - this product is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Regular use should enhance skin and coat condition.

  • Top Stock Maintenance

    Top stock Maintenance Formula is made using the finest quality deep sea cold water kelp, with the richest source of amino acids with an abundance of vitamins and minerals added.

  • TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support

    TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support provides a nutritional support system to promote the comfort zone in and around joints.

  • TopSpec Digestive Aid

    TopSpec Digestive Aid contains highly effective ingredients designed to promote a balanced microbial population in the digestive system and to stimulate appetite.

    Price From: £65.95
  • TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes

    CoolCondition Cubes provide ‘Non-Heating’ but conditioning calories and are ideal for horses that need condition without ‘fizz.’

  • TopSpec Calmer

    TopSpec Calmer is a highly effective additive for horses and ponies with anxious temperaments and those that cannot cope with stressful situations.

    Price From: £64.95
  • TopSpec All-In-One

    TopSpec All-in-One is the granular multi-supplement we put into TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer.

  • TopSpec 14% Mix

    14% Mix is a very palatable mix which is designed for fussy feeders, that reject low starch cubes but need additional feed alongside a feed balancer.

  • Super Supplement Red Blood

    Supports red cell production. Loaded with iron, vitamins and minerals.


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