VMD Information

The name of the owner of the business: Aaron Englander, Kevin Groos, Sharon Groos

The address at which the business is conducted: Nursery Farm, Isherwood Road, Carrington M31 4BH

The name and qualification of the RQP(s) and details of how to confirm the RQP’s registration status.: QE-SQPS SQPs qualified to supply VPS medicines for the treatment of equines and companion animals only.

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Information on how to confirm the registration status of your online retail premises: Premises Number 2030981.

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Details of your complaints procedure, and how to make a complaint to the VMD about Veterinary Medicines. Please us the contact us page to inform us of any complaints or improvments To contact the VMD Please use the following information: You should complain to the member of staff you’ve been dealing with. If this isn’t possible, email us at postmaster@vmd.defra.gsi.gov.uk, telephone us on 01932 336911 or send us a fax on 01932 336618.

A link to the VMD’s Adverse Event (Suspected Adverse Reaction Scheme) online yellow form.

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A link to the VMD’s Product Information Database. 

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