Fine Fettle Feed D-Bug Ointment


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By and large insect bites and stings are acidic and stimulate the nerves in the area where the bite has taken place, causing pain and/or itching sensations.

Mammals rub and scratch the affected area in attempts to dissipate these sensations often further damaging the skin in the process.

Nature, in its infinite wisdom, has provided a series of countermeasures to stings and bites, a good example of which is dock leaves rubbed on nettle stings.

Almost all of these natural countermeasures are of an alkaline nature, since alkaline substances will act to neutralize the acid of the bite or sting.

Similarly, D-BUG applied in a thin film over the troubled area will help neutralize the acid of bites and stings, giving relief from irritation. Further yet D-BUG will hinder insect infestation (from mites, fleas and the like), since it neutralises their biting (i.e. jaw) mechanism on contact with the skin.

D-BUG has no medicinal qualities and does not kill insects and it simply deters them from biting and in this
way brings relief from itching!

Helps neutralize insect bites & stings
Helps deter biting insects & bugs, helps itching & scratching
Good for fly strike, mange, sweet itch

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