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Do performance horses need supplements?

Well, I'm glad you trotted over to this question! Performance horses aren’t just your run-of-the-mill, lazy Sunday afternoon ride types. Oh no, they’re the LeBron James of the equine world, the Meryl Streep of horse drama, and the Usain Bolt of track and field. And just like these top performers, your horse could use a bit of a boost. Horse Performance Supplements aren't just a flashy trend - they're like spinach to Popeye, turning your equine friend from average to 'Hold your horses, is that Secretariat?'

How do you treat fatigue in horses?

Ever seen a horse yawn? Me neither, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get tired. Performance horses are athletes and just like human counterparts, they get worn out too. Now, you can't exactly give them a sports drink and a hot bath (not recommended), but you can treat fatigue in a few ways.

Firstly, ensure they have a well-balanced diet, plenty of water, and a cozy stable to catch some z's. You can also give them a gentle rubdown to help ease their muscles (they might just return the favour). And of course, adding the right Horse Performance Supplements to their diet can help them recover faster, sort of like a power nap in a capsule.

How long should you rest a horse?

‘Horse hours’ aren’t like 'dog years'. You can't just multiply by seven and call it a day. Horses need plenty of rest, especially after exerting themselves. How long, you ask? Well, imagine running a marathon and then someone asks you to do a quick sprint immediately after. Exactly. No one wants that.

The rest period depends on the intensity of the workout, but a rule of thumb is to give them a day off for every day of heavy exercise. But remember, rest doesn't mean abandoning them in a field to fend for themselves. It means quality downtime with proper nutrition and yes, you guessed it, appropriate Horse Performance Supplements to aid recovery. Just don't try to convince them to watch Netflix with you - they generally prefer grazing.

How long does it take a horse to get tired?

We’ve all seen that horse in movies that gallops from sunrise to sunset without a break. Well, spoiler alert: that’s Hollywood, not real life. Horses, like people, tire depending on factors like their fitness level, the intensity of work, and their diet.

A healthy horse can trot around for about an hour or so before needing a break. However, if you’re pushing your horse to higher performance, like dressage or jumping, they might need a breather sooner. But don't worry, there’s no need to call a horse ambulance! A healthy diet, regular exercise, and yes, those magic beans known as Horse Performance Supplements can keep them in top shape.

How do you know a horse is tired?

Horses can't just say, "Hey, I'm beat. Can we call it a day?" But they have their ways of telling you they’ve had enough. Dripping sweat, heavy breathing, decreased responsiveness - these are all tell-tale signs your horse might be ready for a nap.

Just remember, a tired horse isn’t a 'bad horse'. It's a horse that needs rest, hydration, and nutrition. After all, you wouldn't like someone pushing you to run when all you want is a cup of tea and a sit down, right? With careful observation, a well-balanced diet, and some high-quality Horse Performance Supplements, your horse will be ready to saddle up and gallop into the sunset (for a reasonable amount of time) once again.