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As an equestrian online retailer in the UK, Just Horse Riders recognises the importance of providing top-notch supplements for horses. With an increasing demand for organic and traceable products, one brand that has made its mark is Natural Animal Feed (NAF). But what makes NAF a standout in the equine supplement arena? Let's delve deeper.

The Importance of Equine Supplements

Horses, just like humans, have dietary needs that require careful consideration. They need a balanced diet, filled with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function optimally. However, even the best diets sometimes fall short. This is where equine supplements, such as those from NAF, come into play. They fill the nutritional gaps and ensure that horses remain healthy and active. Studies show that many horses, despite being fed quality feed, can benefit from specific supplements to cater to individual needs.

Introduction to NAF Supplements

NAF, standing for Natural Animal Feed, is a UK-based brand known for its natural formulas. These are not just any formulas; they have been painstakingly crafted by leading vets and nutritionists. One of the standout features of NAF supplements is the use of premium grade, fully traceable ingredients. Let's take a closer look at some of the NAF products available on Just Horse Riders:


Summer can be an enjoyable season, but it also brings with it the menace of flies and pests. NAF NAF OFF CITRONELLA is a highly scented mane, tail, and coat spray, ideal for all horses during the summer months. Its natural formula keeps pests at bay, ensuring your horse remains comfortable.


Garlic has been known for its health benefits for centuries, with its use for health support dating back to Roman times. NAF's 100% pure garlic granules not only support the general health of the horse but are also recommended for the day-to-day maintenance of respiratory health. The research supports the key compounds within garlic, including allicin and sulphur, reinforcing its reputation as a potent supplement.


Joints are the lifelines of any active being. NAF’s product, with its combination of glucosamine and MSM, is designed meticulously for the everyday maintenance of healthy joints, tendons, and cartilage. A must-have for those looking to ensure their horse's long-term mobility and comfort.

Delving Deeper into NAF’s Offerings


Originating from the pristine coast of Scotland, NAF Seaweed is an organic source of broad-spectrum natural vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, promoting health and vitality in horses. Noted especially for enhancing the shine of a horse's coat and fortifying hooves, seaweed is also recommended for horses fed below the recommended rates of hard feed. It fills potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, it's important to note that seaweed is not recommended for pregnant mares in their late pregnancy. This organic source ensures that there's no contamination from heavy metals, making it a safe choice for equine health.


Equine digestive health is of paramount importance. With NAF's Five Star Magic Liquid, horses get the benefit of bio-available magnesium combined with selected herbs. The recent addition of pre and probiotics to this formulation further promotes a relaxed and settled gut. It's a testament to NAF's commitment to continuous improvement in its product line, always aligning with the latest scientific research.

Why Opt for NAF Supplements?

With numerous equine supplement brands in the market, what makes NAF stand out? Let’s break it down:

  1. Natural Ingredients: Prioritizing horse health, NAF relies on natural ingredients, ensuring supplements are gentle yet effective.
  2. Traceability: Complete transparency is at the core of NAF. Every ingredient used can be traced back to its source, assuring quality and authenticity.
  3. Endorsements: The brand's reputation isn't just based on user reviews. It's trusted by professionals, as seen from endorsements by British Equestrian Teams.

With such benefits, it's no wonder that horse enthusiasts and professionals alike flock to Just Horse Riders for their NAF needs. Whether you're looking for riding gloves, socks, or treats and gifts, the extensive collection caters to every equestrian requirement.

Finding the Right NAF Supplement for Your Horse

Every horse is unique, and their nutritional needs can vary based on their age, activity level, and specific health concerns. NAF, with its extensive range, ensures there’s a product tailored for every need. Here's a brief overview to help you make an informed choice:


Summers can be particularly challenging for horses due to bothersome insects. The NAF OFF Citronella is a highly scented mane, tail, and coat spray, ideal for all horses during the warmer months. It keeps pests at bay, ensuring your horse stays comfortable.


Garlic’s health benefits are not just restricted to humans. These 100% pure garlic granules are trusted globally and have been known for their health-supporting properties since Roman times. Perfect for general health and respiratory maintenance, these granules are a staple in many equestrian diets.


Joint health is paramount for a horse’s mobility and overall well-being. This product combines glucosamine with MSM to support healthy joints, tendons, and cartilage. It’s a go-to for many who want to ensure their horse maintains optimal movement and flexibility.


In the vast world of equine health, it's essential to choose products that prioritize your horse's well-being. With NAF’s line of products, you’re not only getting supplements, but a promise of quality, traceability, and efficacy. Whether you're looking to boost their joint health, protect them from summer pests, or simply give them a treat, NAF has got you covered. Explore the full range at Just Horse Riders - from bridles to hoof care & boots, and more, ensuring that every aspect of your equestrian needs is met with excellence.