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Extend the Life of Your Riding Boots: A Guide to Equestrian Boot Care & Essential Accessories

Every seasoned horse rider knows that proper care for riding boots can make them last and stay looking brand new. But how do you give them the care they deserve? Read on to get the answers!

What are Jodhpur clips?

Have you ever faced the annoyance of jodhpurs rising up your legs while riding? If yes, then Dublin Jodhpur Clips are here to the rescue. These are elastic clips designed to keep your jodhpurs in place, enhancing your comfort while riding.

How can I waterproof my boots again?

If you are facing issues with your boots no longer being waterproof, a great solution is the Nikwax Waterproofing Wax Cream for Leather. This high-performance, water-based wax can be used on both wet or dry leather, maintaining breathability and giving your boots a revived appearance.

How often should you reproof riding boots?

Reproofing your riding boots largely depends on how frequently you use them. Generally, once every month is a good practice. Using the Nikwax Waterproofing Wax, which has won rave reviews, can help make this process easy and effective.

What does a boot jack do?

For those muddy days, a Hyland Boot Jack is an excellent tool. It helps you remove your muddy boots without bending down, thus saving your back some strain!

What is a cast iron boot jack?

A cast iron boot jack, like the Perry Equestrian Cast Beetle Boot Jacks, helps you remove your boots with minimal effort while also extending their life.

What does a boot tree do?

A Dublin Boot Tree is a must-have for all riders. It helps keep your boots in the correct shape when not in use, even stretching those that have become a bit tight over the years!


In conclusion, maintaining and extending the life of your riding boots is no tough task with the right tools and knowledge. From Dublin Jodhpur Clips to Dublin Boot Tree, the right accessories make a huge difference. Don’t delay - give your boots the care they deserve today!

Check out our collection now and step up your boot care game!