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How Thick Of A Saddle Pad Do I Need?

Padding your horse with the right thickness is as vital as picking out your mattress for a good night's sleep. Ever felt the wrath of a too-firm mattress? Trust us, your horse feels the same with the wrong saddle pad thickness. In most cases, a 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick saddle pad would serve well. A perfect example would be the Weatherbeeta Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad, which provides a fantastic balance of comfort and support.

How Do I Know What Saddle Pad To Use?

A saddle pad is like a good pair of shoes; you don't pick it based on colour alone (we hope). It should match your horse's needs and the type of riding you're doing. Generally, an all-purpose saddle pad, like the Weatherbeeta Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad, is a safe bet for most disciplines. However, for more strenuous activities, the Shires Airflow Anti Slip Saddlecloth is a great option to ensure comfort and stability.

Does Saddle Pad Size Matter?

Just like Cinderella's glass slipper, size does matter. If the saddle pad is too small, it won't offer adequate protection. If too large, it could interfere with your horse's movement. Consider a saddle pad like the Shires Airflow Anti Slip Saddlecloth that comes in different sizes to perfectly fit your horse's back and saddle.

What Are Numnahs Used For?

Numnahs are like the secret heroes of the equestrian world. They're basically saddle pads, but their shape closely mirrors that of the saddle. They help to protect your horse from the saddle and the rider's weight, ensuring comfort and preventing saddle sores. The Rhinegold Cotton Quilted Numnah is an excellent example of a numnah that provides maximum comfort while still being breathable. Or, if you're feeling fancy, try the plush Rhinegold Luxe Fur Vented Numnah, which is like treating your horse to a spa day, every day!

Why Is A Numnah Called A Numnah?

The term 'Numnah' is not a result of a sneeze during a brainstorming session. It originates from the Urdu word 'Numdah' meaning a traditional Indian felted rug. A Numnah generally is shaped like a saddle and is less visible when in place, unlike rectangular saddle pads. Check out the Shires Wessex Numnah if you're in the market for a reliable, traditional numnah. It's like having your very own magic carpet ride, without the risk of flying off course!