Lincoln Himalayan Salt Lick - One Colour
This Himalayan Salt Licks from Lincoln provide 100% pure natural rock salts, wrapped and labelled as per EU directive. Complete with rope.
Lincoln Sheath Cleaner - Spray
Convenient, ready to use, no rinse formula.
Lincoln Plastic Curry Comb - Pink
This comb is Ideal to remove mud from the coat. Adjustable strap. Available in small or large for children and adults.
Battles 10% Iodine Solution - One Colour
This product is a concentrated skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. (The 5 litre Iodine must be ordered in quantities of 10 and the 2 litre in quantities of 20 due to ADR regulations).
Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - N/A
This Gel protects and aids natural healing. It is a wonderful natural product that can be applied directly to raw, sore, irritated areas including small cuts, grazes, sunburn and insect bites.
Barrier Yum Yum Anti-Stable Bite - N/A
This is foul tasting, natural spray that will stop chewing instantly. So kind it can even be applied to bullied horses. Ps do not put on your chips
Equimins Blooming Pet Cod Liver Oil - N/A
A pure and natural product rich in vitamins A, D and E. Promotes good health, a shiny coat, bright eyes, stronger teeth and bones.
Equimins Stable Disinfectant Concentrate - N/A
An extremely safe disinfectant produced from essential oils, it is even safe enough to use on minor cuts and bruises, in the proper diluted form. Can be sprayed into the air with a mist sprayer or used conventionally from a...
Equimins Stockholm Tar - N/A
A good old fashioned remedy for hoof care.
Equimins Country Living Dy-Nomite - N/A
Based on diatomaceous earth, the directional nozzle makes it easy to get into all the hen house nooks and crannies where the red mite live. Treat regularly as part of your cleaning routine. It can also be used to treat...
Equimins Country Living Wound Spray - N/A
This is an effective disinfectant spray, with soothing aloe vera, for treating minor wounds and deterring further pecking of the area by other birds. Also deters feather pecking.
Equilibrium Field Relief Detachable Nose Piece - Grey
Ideal for horses with pink or sensitive noses, who need UV protection, or those who are extremely sensitive to flies or midges around their muzzle.
Equilibrium Field Relief Muzzle Fringe - Black
Flick the flies away with the new addition to the Field Relief range. Designed with a simple hook and loop attachment, the Field Relief Muzzle Fringe attaches easily to any fly mask within the Field Relief Range. Just one size...
Equilibrium Stellar Head Collar - Black
A stylish, comfortable head collar with a patent pending reusable safety system, which releases when needed to prevent injury to the soft tissue and nerves on the face, poll and neck. Scientifically tested in the laboratory for a consistent release...
Equilibrium Therapy Hind & Hock Magnetic Chaps - Grey
Soft magnetic stable chaps, specifically designed to help horses suffering from stiffness and arthritis, particularly in the hock joint. Ergonomically shaped to allow Vitaflex� magnets to be placed directly at the lower part of the hock joint, the common location...
Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt - Grey
Easy to use and highly effective Massager to work the neck, quarters and hamstrings. 3 massaging actions to stimulate muscles and blood flow. 10 minute cycle with 3 intensity settings. Comes with a small storage bag, rechargeable battery and charger.
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Equine Exceed Bute - One Colour
Powerful and effective, Bute-EZ� is formulated to help maintain ease of movement, mobility and help ease joint stiffness. It contains a powerful combination of ingredients including MSM, Turmeric and L-Arginine which helps provide a healthy blood flow through the power...
Equine Exceed Calmer Bites - One Colour
A calming treat which is ideal for horses during excitable or stressful situations such as competitions, clipping, box rest, loading, traveling, hacking, farrier and dentist visits. Helps your horse to stay calm and focused without affecting their ability to perform....
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Equine Exceed Calmer PRO - One Colour
For a calmer, more relaxed, focused horse. A powerful, effective calmer with Peppermint Leaf. Ideal for when you want to achieve a calmer, more relaxed, focused horse. Ideal for use in stressful and exciting situations such as competitions, hacking, travelling...
Equine Exceed Gastro PRO Extend - One Colour
Naturally supports the health of the complete Gastric, Colonic and Digestive System. 100% Natural Ingredients Gastro encourages the natural production of mucus in the lining of the gastric system, acting as a buffer. It does not interfere with the natural...
Equine Exceed Sensitive Mare - One Colour
Help your mare through her hormonal cycles. Contains Agnus Castus (aka Chaste Tree Berry), Black Cohosh and Raspberry Leaf. Natural Ingredients Sensitive Mare� contains a blend of herbs and amino acids designed to help your mare through her hormonal cycles....
Equine Products No More Bute - One Colour
Equine Products No More Bute is a complementary feed supplement for horses containing bioavailable Curcumin.No More Bute is completely stable through the digestive system and delivers Curcumin to the intestinal wall for maximum absorption and effect. No More Bute is...
EquiXTREME Leather Cleaner - One Colour
equiXTREME� leather cleaner spray for the fastest cleaning of all leather products � ready to use solution for spray � suitable for all smooth leather � colorless, therefore suitable for all leather colors � intensive cleaning power � quickly removes...
EquiXTREME Natural Anti Fly Spray - One Colour
equiXTREME� Anti Fly Spray offering reliable protection from flies, horse flies, black flies and other insects. � Highly effective against flies and horse flies � Offers long lasting protection � Pleasant scent � Protects even the perspiring horse
EquiXTREME No Mess Spray Shampoo - One Colour
No Mess Spray Shampoo � The easy way to wash your horse! -easy to use spray shampoo -contains silk extract and panthenol -removes sweat, grease and dirt -leaves the coat smooth and silky
EquiXTREME Skin Care Wound Balm - One Colour
Skin Care Wound Balm �Help the skin to help itself! -supports cell regrowth -antibacterial and soothing -mousturising an conditioning -contains propolis, nat. oliv oil and medicated beeswax
EquiXTREME Super Shine Hair Polish - One Colour
equiXTREME� Hair Polish providing shine for coat, mane and tail. � silky shine for coat, mane and tail � strongly repells dirt and dust � brings out the natural color of the coat � easier brushing of mane and tail
EquiXTREME Vital Shampoo - White
equiXTREME� Vital Shampoo is a nourishing horse care shampoo. � Dissolves dirt immediately � Offers a perfect moisturizing balance � Suitable for coat, mane and tail � Provides a natural, lustrous shine
Golden Paste - One Colour
TURMERIC - our turmeric is not irradiation or steam treated to preserve the key components. COCONUT OIL - we use cold pressed and organic coconut oil. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - the Apple Cider Vinegar we use, is complete with the...
EquiXTREME Conditioner - One Colour
� EquiXTREME� Conditioner is a nourishing hair moisturiser � For an immediately combable mane and tail � Long term dirt repelling effect � Intense brilliance and colour � Sustaining moisturising effect
Equilibrium Bucket Cosi - Blue
A padded and insulated waterproof cover designed to fit a wide range of buckets. The Bucket Cosi helps prevent horse feed from freezing overnight when left outside stables or in cold feed rooms, prevents rodents and other pests getting inside...
Equimins Glucosaflex 12 000 - One Colour
Supplies nutritional support for cartilage and tendons. Helps maintain healthy joints. Contains 12,000mg per 30gm serving. A 60 days supply at maintenance level. Contains no banned substances under Jockey Club and FEI rules.
Lincoln Bag O Treats - One Colour
The high fibre treat packed with natural goodness - a healthy alternative. With added oils for enhanced coat shine. Packed in a handy refill bag.
Lincoln Blood Tonic - One Colour
A perfectly balanced daily tonic, rich in iron. Optimises performance, restoring your horse�s sparkle and energy. A palatable �pick me up� for horses post-competition, horses convalescing following periods of illness or can be fed continuously as a tonic to maintain...
Lincoln Epsom Salts - One Colour
A traditional horse care essential, Magnesium Sulphate is generally used as a drawing agent. It can be used for a multitude of external applications including soaking hooves (hot tubbing), soothing muscle soak, degreasing the coat and for general veterinary use.
Lincoln Equocrem - One Colour
Lincoln Equocrem is a Zinc Oxide based antibacterial First Aid Cream, enhanced with Benzyl Benzoate & Lavender Oil to produce a soothing, gentle, water-resistant cream to relieve minor wounds, abrasions, sunburn and itchy, dry or irritated skin. The formulation is...
Lincoln Eucalyptus Hoof & Sole Dressing - One Colour
An antifungal, moisture-regulating hoof ointment fortified with Eucalyptus & Wheatgerm Oil formulated to optimise moisture levels when hoof integrity is compromised through imperfect conditions.� Eucalyptus Oil has powerful antifungal properties to maintain a hoof & healthy frog whilst Wheatgerm Oil...
Lincoln Expandable Sponge - Yellow
This general purpose compact sponge is ideal for bathing. Expands when in water.
Lincoln Herbs Milk Thistle Seeds - One Colour
Dried Silybum Marianum seeds contain the powerful antioxidant Silymarin in a pure unprocessed form. Silymarin is known to support the liver when liver cells are under stress i.e. following courses of medication, wormers etc. by aiding the removal of toxins...
Lincoln Hydra Hoof - Natural
A smooth, hydrating hoof cream to support dry, brittle hooves for optimal strength and pliability. Ideal to use in dry, arid conditions or when horses are stabled for long periods on dry bedding. Aloe Vera & Glycerine optimise the hoof...
Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S Skin Aid - One Colour
A cooling, soothing lotion for hypersensitive skin affected by fly and midge bites. This advanced emulsion utilises Benzyl Benzoate & Menthol to offer a topical aid to maintain the skin�s integrity against skin trauma on manes, tails & itchy areas.
Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S. Starter Pack - One Colour
A useful weatherproof pack with the essentials needed to successfully manage the different stages of seasonal itching. It contains the Itchy Switchy S.O.S. system of 3 products � 1 x Itchy Switchy S.O.S. Shampoo, 1 x Itchy Switchy S.O.S. Skin...
Lincoln Limited Edition Muddy Buddy Gift Pack - One Colour
A handy �mud-proof� backpack filled with everything you need to protect your horse�s skin in muddy conditions! Contains x Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub,1 x Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder, 1 x Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment, 1 x Dogbone sponge. This handy...
Lincoln Plaiting Mist - One Colour
The ideal combination of grip and conditioning to allow you to plait easily & quickly whilst creating strong, neat plaits that last. Apply to wet or damp mane. Non-sticky, non-greasy and easy to comb out; leaving the mane soft with...
Lincoln Trypto - One Colour
Designed to help nervous, sensitive, spooky horses and ponies to remain calm when facing stressful situations. Contains Tryptophan; a precursor to the calming neurostransmitter Serotonin, Magnesium and a combination of B Vitamins. Comes in an easy to administer syringe.
Lincoln Vegi - One Colour
The small treat with the BIG flavour. Crafted in 3 vegetable flavours, Vegi-bites are bursting with colour and natural goodness. Beetroot is rich in antioxidants, carrot is full of healthy fibre and beta-carotene while spinach is a nutrient rich superfood....
Equilibrium Tri-Zone Fetlock Boots - Black
A super lightweight and protective boot which complies with the standards set by the FEI and British Show jumping (2020). Flexible and non-restrictive. Simple non-elastic fastening, tough strike guard and a smooth cushioned inner lining for maximum comfort. AVAILABLE FOR...
Naf Five Star Profeet Farrier Solution - One Colour
A dense liquid hoof application packaged in a handy container with a brush included for convenience and cleanliness. Comfortably sits in your hand while being able to apply with ease. The solution is totally drip free, so there should be...
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