Gold Label Iodine Spray - N/A
This is a safe application that contains non-toxic povidone iodine. To be applied near the affected parts two or three times a day.
Gold Label Triscrub - N/A
This Gold Label triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oil and chlorhexidine is used as an antibacterial skin cleanser and surgical scrub. A formulation suitable for general skin disinfection and as an antiseptic handwash.
Lincoln Himalayan Salt Lick - One Colour
This Himalayan Salt Licks from Lincoln provide 100% pure natural rock salts, wrapped and labelled as per EU directive. Complete with rope.
Gold Label Waterproof Wax - N/A
The cheapest wax for re-proofing all waxed cotton garments, especially those that are well worn.
Nettex E-Calm - One Colour
Nettex E-Calm - One Colour
A non-magnesium based, natural calmer with a prebiotic like functionality. Developed by veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven results*. Supports gut functionality and the maintenance of healthy skin and coat. *Results published in Veterinary Times 2016 & 2018.
Nettex Poultry Vit Boost Tonic - One Colour
A complementary supplement formulated specifically for poultry that supplies essential vitamins to support health, growth and vitality all year round through the drinking water. Contains seaweed for egg quality and yolk colour, and biotin to help maintain healthy skin and...
Nettex Vip So Sound - One Colour
Formulated by vets for visible results. V.I.P. So Sound is a no added sugar formulation which contains advanced isolate technology joint support. Maximising mobility, flexibility and comfort.
Equimins Hoof Mender 75 Powder - N/A
There is no other product with the same broad-spectrum of important ingredients to encourage keratin growth in the hoof that this Equimins Hood Mender Powder. It comes with a full money back warranty in the unlikely event that you do...
Equimins Devils Claw Gel - N/A
An easy to apply gel that is quickly absorbed through the skin. Very cooling and soothing, utilising the properties of devils claw to help maintain suppleness and ease of movement.
Gold Label Green Lipped Mussel - N/A
This gold label product helps to maintain healthy and pain free joints in horses. The fatty acids and naturally occurring chondroitin and other GLAs combine to lubricate joints, support the elasticity of ligaments and aid the shock absorbing properties of...
Gold Label Glycerin Leather & Saddle Soap - N/A
These are really hard, quality soap blocks. They are economical to use for cleaning saddlery, clothing, handbags, upholstery, footwear and all genuine leather products.
Lincoln Three Horse Hay Net - Blue
An extra large hay net.
Lincoln Sheath Cleaner - One Colour
Lincoln Sheath Cleaner - One Colour
Convenient, ready to use, no rinse formula.
Battles 10% Iodine Solution - One Colour
This product is a concentrated skin cleanser for use in the management of livestock. (The 5 litre Iodine must be ordered in quantities of 10 and the 2 litre in quantities of 20 due to ADR regulations).
Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - N/A
This Gel protects and aids natural healing. It is a wonderful natural product that can be applied directly to raw, sore, irritated areas including small cuts, grazes, sunburn and insect bites.
Barrier Yum Yum Anti-Stable Bite - N/A
This is foul tasting, natural spray that will stop chewing instantly. So kind it can even be applied to bullied horses. Ps do not put on your chips
Equimins Advance Concentrate Complete Pellets - One Colour
For the first time, an important new source of bio-available minerals have been used in an equine diet previously only available in human nutrition. It contains what can only be described as a truly superb combination of ingredients.
Equimins Respiratory Formula - N/A
This is a powerful aid to combat dust and pollen allergies. This is a very comprehensive formula with many herbs, together with eucalyptus oil and vitamin C. Formulated to provide the best support for respiratory immunity and lung function.
Equimins Dicalcium Phosphate - N/A
This is the most widely used feed phosphate in Europe. It is an ideal product to use in all kinds of feed because of its high biological value and its Ca/P ratio of 1.3:1. It is very important for young...
Equimins Lice & Mite Lotion - N/A
A strong herbal extract and works extremely well for the control of lice and mites. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
Equimins Serenity Ultra Calm + - N/A
A supplement to help induce calmness and tranquility. Magnesium, together with important amino acids and B vitamins, make this a calmer without valerian, which is now not allowed in competition.
Equimins Blooming Pet Aloe Vera Gel - N/A
This is a soothing gel for skin disorders. Aloe vera has a long history as a skin lotion. It can aid recovery from minor grazes and sunburn. This gel is useful for almost any skin irritation that needs soothing and...
Equimins Blooming Pet Msm Cream - N/A
A soothing antibacterial cream combining all the benefits of MSM, aloe vera, zinc, castor oil with essential oils of lavender, chamomile and jojoba. To be used for all abnormal skin conditions and to encourage hair re-growth.
Equimins Epsom Salts - N/A
A valuable source of magnesium salts and an essential body electrolyte.
Equimins Blue Shampoo For Greys - N/A
A rich shampoo with conditioner which can be used without fear of any staining. Formulated specifically for grey or white coats, but may be used to enhance the colour of any coat, to provide better definition and depth of colour.
Equimins Hoof Disinfectant Spray - N/A
This is a safe and powerful ready to use spray disinfectant for all the problems of hoof infection. This product is produced from a variety of safe bactericidal and fungicidal essential oils, together with a biocide specifically developed for the...
Equimins Tasty Treats - N/A
A nice large size, pelleted horse treat with an appetising apple and mint flavour.
Equimins Liquid Gold Concentrated Garlic Extract - One Colour
This product is many times stronger than powder and daily use will support the respiratory system in a way no other single herb does. Garlic will help the digestive tract in the development of natural bacterial flora and help support...
Equimins Stable Disinfectant Concentrate - N/A
An extremely safe disinfectant produced from essential oils, it is even safe enough to use on minor cuts and bruises, in the proper diluted form. Can be sprayed into the air with a mist sprayer or used conventionally from a...
Equimins Msm Cream - N/A
A soothing, antibacterial cream, combining all the benefits of MSM, aloe vera, zinc, castor oil and essential oils of tea tree, lavender, chamomile and jojoba to help soothe minor skin ailments. A particularly useful barrier in muddy conditions and also...
Equimins Pro-Bio Probiotic - N/A
A metabolic profile booster for horses and ponies for efficient digestion. With probiotics, prebiotics and saccharomyces cerivisae yeast to create the correct conditions in the gut for maximum utilisation of feed, particularly at times of stress. 1.5kg will last 50...
Equimins Sand-Ex Pellets - N/A
An all-natural dietary pelleted fibre product, psyllium (plantago ovata) combined with probiotics and prebiotics. For use when sand is in the intestinal canal, as a natural fibre and microbial supplement to greatly assist the natural flow of food through the...
Equimins Scandinavian Seaweed - N/A
This product from Equimins is a pure, natural product with no additives, contains 60 different minerals and trace elements.
Equimins Seaweed & Rosehip - N/A
Seaweed is very rich in over forty different minerals and trace elements. Rosehips are rich in vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B3, K and flavonoids. A good source of naturally occurring minerals and vitamins. 3kg will last 100 days.
Equimins Stockholm Tar - N/A
A good old fashioned remedy for hoof care.
Equimins Nightmare Liquid - N/A
This is a pure herbal multi-blend liquid compound to help maintain a balanced hormonal system in horses. With chaste tree berry (monkspepper), dandelion, raspberry, chamomile, skullcap and valerian for nerves and hormones. 1lt will last 66 days when fed at...
Equimins Udder Ointment - N/A
A rich, lanolin-based ointment with cetrimide, a very safe bacteriostat used in hospitals. With aloe vera, zinc, castor oil and tea tree oil. Particularly useful as a barrier in muddy conditions.
Equimins Vitamin E & Selenium Supplement - One Colour
This supplement contains vitamin E at 50,000mg/kg and organic selenium at 25mg/kg for horses in serious training. 3kg will last the competition horse 30 days.
Equimins Magnesium Calmer Supplement - N/A
This product from Equimins is a specially formulated blend of digestible sources of magnesium, herbal compounds and B vitamins to gently induce a calm and controlled attitude in horses. A 1kg tub will last the average horse around 40 days....
Equimins Milk Thistle Herb - N/A
To nutritionally support and maintain liver function and is rich in anti-oxidants.
Equimins Milk Thistle Liquid Herbal Tincture - N/A
To nutritionally support and maintain liver function and is rich in anti-oxidants.
Equimins Blooming Pet Inner Balance Probiotics - N/A
This palatable supplement from Equimins is for dogs and cats may be added to drinking water or sprinkled onto feed. Containing the important strains lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium, together with prebiotic to feed these friendly flora, it is highly recommended...
Equimins Country Living Hen House Freshener - N/A
This is a safe long lasting powder disinfectant to keep hen houses and other small housing fresh. Helps to keep those ammonia smells away.
Equimins Country Living Pure Seaweed - N/A
This is a pure natural product with no additives. It contains over forty different minerals and trace elements. Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, pigeons and poultry. Seaweed may also help the immune system, soothe the digestive tract and cleanse...
Equimins Country Living Dy-Nomite - N/A
Based on diatomaceous earth, the directional nozzle makes it easy to get into all the hen house nooks and crannies where the red mite live. Treat regularly as part of your cleaning routine. It can also be used to treat...
Equimins Country Living Wound Spray - N/A
This is an effective disinfectant spray, with soothing aloe vera, for treating minor wounds and deterring further pecking of the area by other birds. Also deters feather pecking.
Battles Antibacterial Surface Wipes - One Colour
- All purpose muti-surface wipes - Use on walls, floors, tabletops, seating, fittings and fixtures - Antibacterial action across all washable hard surfaces - Kills 99.999% of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella and E-Coli
Battles Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall Mounted) - One Colour
Battles Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall Mounted) - Constructed from ABS plastic with a robust push-bar - Quick and easy to change refills - Colour: white - Mounting: Either double-sided adhesive tape or screw mounting - Quick and easy to refill
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