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What weight rug should I put on my horse?

Ever tried to guess your horse's preferred sweater size? Choosing the right weight rug for your horse is kind of like that. It's all about the comfort, baby! The SHIRES TEMPEST PLUS 300G TURNOUT RUG is like a cozy woolen jumper, perfect for chilly weather. For warmer days, your horse might prefer something lighter, like the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN TROJAN 100G STANDARD TURNOUT. Remember, horses can't sip hot cocoa to warm up, so let's keep them cozy with the right weight rug!

Why do horses wear summer rugs?

Imagine your horse saying, "Hey, I want to enjoy the summer sun, too!" A summer rug like the WEATHERBEETA COMFITEC CLASSIC COMBO NECK LITE lets your horse soak up the good vibes while protecting them from those annoying insects that didn't get the memo about personal space.

When should you put a rug on a horse?

Right after you've convinced them it's not a giant, horse-eating blanket, of course! On a serious note, consider your horse's breed, coat, age, and the weather. A hardy pony with a thick coat may not need a rug as often as an older horse or a thin-skinned breed. Not sure when to rug-up? Err on the side of 'neigh-ked'. Most horses would rather be a tad cold than too hot. It's hard to enjoy a gallop when you're sweating like a pig... er, horse.

What temperature should you put a rug on a horse?

Is it cold enough to freeze the ears off a brass monkey? Time for a rug! It's generally a good idea to consider rugging your horse when temperatures dip below 10°C. The SHIRES TEMPEST PLUS 300G TURNOUT RUG is like a warm hug on a cold day. But remember, horses aren't fond of sauna-like conditions. Always adjust for physical activity, age, and health condition.

Should you rug your horse in winter?

Does Santa wear a suit? Rugging in winter can help keep your horse comfortable and healthy. But avoid turning your horse into a four-legged furnace! Consider the horse's age, coat, and condition, as well as the temperature and weather conditions. Always adjust as necessary.

Should you put a wet rug on a horse?

Do you like wearing wet clothes? Neither does your horse. In fact, a wet rug can make your horse colder – the exact opposite of what we want. If a rug gets wet, give it a good clean with NIKWAX RUG WASH and ensure it's bone dry before you put it back on your equine friend. And for those summer days when biting insects are more irritating than a horsefly at a picnic, the SHIRES HIGHLANDER PLUS SWEET-ITCH COMBO is your go-to hero. Who knew horse attire could be so complex?