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Do horses get hot in fly rugs?

Fly rugs, also known as fly sheets, are an essential piece of horsewear during the warmer months. But do horses get hot in them? The answer largely depends on the design and material of the rug. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are used in high-quality fly rugs to provide excellent protection without causing overheating. For instance, the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN FLY MESH COMBO RUG is designed with a lightweight mesh fabric that not only keeps pesky flies at bay, but also ensures your horse remains cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Should I put a fly rug on my horse?

The decision to use a fly rug on your horse is entirely dependent on your horse's needs and the environment in which it lives. Fly rugs offer several benefits, including protection against biting insects, UV radiation, and dust. They can keep your horse comfortable, reducing the need for constant tail swishing or skin twitching. Given these benefits, many horse owners find a fly rug to be an essential part of their horse's wardrobe. The SHIRES HIGHLANDER PLUS SWEET-ITCH COMBO is a superb option that offers comprehensive protection. Its design is particularly useful for horses prone to sweet itch, a common skin condition caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of biting midges.

Can you ride in a fly rug?

While most fly rugs are not designed for riding, some designs can be worn while riding to protect your horse from flies. However, it's essential to ensure the rug does not restrict your horse's movement and is secure enough not to slide or become tangled. For safety reasons, it's generally recommended to use a fly mask or a fly veil during riding instead of a full fly rug. If your horse is particularly bothered by flies during rides, consider using fly repellents specifically formulated for use during riding.

Do fly rugs keep horses clean?

Indeed, fly rugs do help keep horses clean. By providing a protective layer, they prevent dust and dirt from settling on your horse's coat. This feature can be especially beneficial if you've just given your horse a bath or if it's a show horse with a gleaming coat to maintain. The RHINEGOLD SAHARA ZEBRA PRINT FULL NECK FLY RUG is a great option that offers full-body coverage, helping to keep your horse as clean as possible.

Do fly rugs protect from sun?

One of the lesser-known benefits of fly rugs is their ability to protect your horse from harmful UV rays. Most fly rugs, including those in our collection, are UV resistant, meaning they help to prevent sunburn and the fading of your horse's coat. This can be especially beneficial for horses with sensitive skin or dark coats that tend to heat up in the sun. The GALLOP EQUESTRIAN FLY MESH COMBO RUG offers excellent UV protection alongside its fly-repelling capabilities, making it a smart choice for sun-filled days.

In conclusion, fly rugs offer an array of benefits for your horse. Whether it's the prevention of irritating insect bites, protection from the sun, or helping to keep your horse clean, the right fly rug is a valuable investment for your horse's comfort and health. Shop our collection today and find the perfect fit for your equine friend.