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Is it okay to ride horses at night?

Oh, the intrigue of nightfall and the mystery it unfolds! The horse world is no exception to this charm. Yes, it's okay to ride horses at night, provided you're well-equipped and prepared. And by 'well-equipped', we mean something like our fabulous HYVIZ WATERPROOF RIDING JACKET that turns you into a human beacon. Never has safety looked so stylish!

When should you not ride your horse?

As much as we love our equine companions and midnight adventures, there are times when it's best to give riding a rest. These include extreme weather conditions, when your horse is unwell, or if you're feeling a bit under the weather. Basically, when in doubt, give it a timeout. Meanwhile, you can spend that time eyeing our BLACKROCK HI-VIS WAISTCOAT SLEEVELESS ADULT. It's the perfect addition to any horse rider's wardrobe, ready for safer rides when conditions improve.

How do you ride a horse at night?

Riding a horse at night can be a magical experience, almost like joining a secret equine club. But how do you do it safely? First, you need to be familiar with your horse and the trail. Second, always wear reflective gear. Need an example? Our WEATHERBEETA REFLECTIVE HEAVY PADDED WATERPROOF JACKET is not only reflective, but also warm and cozy. Lastly, remember to keep your rides calm and collected; after all, it's not a race against the moonlight.

Do horses like being out at night?

Horses, like humans, have varying preferences. Some enjoy a good frolic under the stars while others prefer to snuggle up in their stable at night. If you happen to have a night owl of a horse, why not treat them with the glow of our HYVIZ REFLECTIVE WATERPROOF CHILDREN'S BLOUSON? It's like throwing a disco for your horse without the loud music!

What time do horses go to sleep?

Horses, with their amazing ability to sleep both standing up and lying down, generally grab their snooze time in small increments throughout the day and night. Though they might not have a strict bedtime like us humans, ensuring they are in a safe, comfortable environment for their downtime is crucial. Speaking of comfort, our HY5 EXTREME REFLECTIVE SOFTSHELL HORSE RIDING GLOVES will keep your hands warm and visible during those late-night or early morning rides.

Night Riding and Reflective Wear: A Perfect Match

There's an ethereal quality to night rides that makes them utterly enchanting. But it's essential to be seen when you're under the moonlight. Our collection of reflective wear ensures just that. Whether you're a fan of our HY5 REFLECTIVE WATERPROOF MULTIPURPOSE HORSE RIDING GLOVES or you're enamored by the HYVIZ PADDED GILET, there's something to make every night ride safer and more fun. After all, we believe the stars shouldn't be the only ones shining at night!

The Dawn of Safety with High Visibility

Since we're all about safety with a generous dash of style, we're huge advocates for riding with high-visibility gear. It's like having a superhero cape that doesn't promise to make you fly, but sure does help you stand out! With our range of reflective wear, we've turned safety into a fashion statement that's both practical and attractive. So why not check out our high-visibility collection? The night is dark and full of terrors, but with Just Horse Riders, you'll be glowing with safety!

The Best Companion for Night Owls

If you're a nocturnal creature with a love for equine companions, our reflective wear collection is a dream come true. With pieces like the HYVIZ WATERPROOF RIDING JACKET, we promise to make you shine brighter than the North Star. So, embrace the night, trust your horse, and remember: reflective wear isn't just an option, it's a necessity.


Whether you're a seasoned night rider or a newbie ready to explore the star-lit trails, our reflective wear is a must-have for safe, enjoyable rides. There's no doubt that night riding is an unforgettable experience, but it should never compromise safety. So, are you ready to glow in the dark and be the star of the night? Explore our collection today. Remember, the night is young and full of adventure, so saddle up, gear up, and let's ride into the moonlight with style and safety!