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A Step into Equestrian Elegance: Women's Short Horse Riding Boots

Are you an equestrian enthusiast or a beginner rider looking for the perfect women's short horse riding boots? Then you've come to the right place! This blog post will guide you on your journey to find the perfect pair, exploring styles, functionality, and introducing some of our favourite boots from our collection.

What kind of boots do you need to ride a horse?

Riding a horse requires boots that provide comfort, stability, and safety. Brogini Tivoli Zipped Boots are a great example of this, designed from fine leather and featuring an anti-slip grip rubber sole.

Are horse riding boots worth it?

Definitely! High-quality equestrian short boots like the Shires Moretta Alma Jodhpur Boots offer comfort, stability and enhance your overall riding experience.

Is it better to ride in long or short boots?

Both have their merits, but short boots, such as horse riding ankle boots, are often preferred for their comfort and flexibility, especially in warmer weather.

Can I wear trainers for horse riding?

While trainers might seem comfortable, they lack the safety features of specialised short riding boots for women. Boots like the Shires Moretta Clio Paddock Boots offer essential foot protection for riders.

How do I choose a riding boot?

Consider the material, fit, style, and rider reviews. For example, the Hyland Wax Leather Zip Boot is loved for its comfort and great fit on slimmer legs.

What is the difference between paddock boots and riding boots?

Paddock boots, like the Saxon Syntovia Zip Paddock Boots, are shorter, perfect for everyday riding and chores, while tall riding boots are usually reserved for shows and events.


Choosing the right women's short horse riding boots is vital for comfort, safety, and style in the saddle. Whether you prefer the luxurious Brogini Tivoli or the practical Saxon Syntovia, you'll find your perfect pair at Just Horse Riders.

Ready to step into your perfect pair? Explore our collection and choose the pair that's right for you today!