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What are different girths for?

Ever wonder why there are so many types of girths? It's like walking into a candy store, but instead of sweets, you have... well, horse belly bands. Different girths serve different purposes, much like different superheroes have different powers. The SHIRES FLEECE LINED GIRTH is the warm, cuddly teddy bear of girths, offering an extra level of comfort with its soft fleece lining. Meanwhile, the COLLEGIATE MEMORY FOAM DRESSAGE GIRTH is like the ultimate comfort guru, contouring to your horse's shape with its clever memory foam. So, whether you're seeking maximum comfort, better fit, or specialised designs for dressage, we've got a girth for that!

How do I know if the girth is tight enough?

So, you've wrapped the girth around your horse's belly, but you're unsure if it's just right? Fear not, Goldilocks! Here's a nifty little tip: you should be able to slide your hand sideways between the girth and your horse. If you need a professional wrestler's strength to do this, it's too tight. If it's as loose as grandpa's trousers without his belt, then it's too loose. A girth like the HYCOMFORT WAFFLE DRESSAGE GIRTH - ELASTICATED BOTH ENDS has an elasticated design for a 'juuust right' fit, giving your horse the comfort of a well-fitted girth and you the peace of mind.

Why do horses wear girths?

Imagine trying to ride a horse without a girth. You'd be spinning more than a merry-go-round! A girth, dear equestrians, is essential to keep the saddle in place. Without it, you'd have a difficult time staying put, let alone performing dressage. The SHIRES ARMA ANTI-CHAFE ANATOMICAL GIRTH not only secures the saddle but its anti-chafe, anatomical design ensures your horse can move freely and comfortably. It's like the trusty seatbelt to your speedy horse-car!

Why does my horse bite when I do up the girth?

Oh, the age-old mystery of why horses turn into bitey beasts when we do up the girth. Some believe it's because they're just not morning horses. Others think it's a sneaky tactic to get extra carrots. But the most likely reason? Discomfort. If your horse feels like they're being squeezed by a boa constrictor every time you tighten the girth, they might express their discomfort with a nip or two. A soft, well-fitting girth like the SHIRES FLEECE LINED GIRTH or COLLEGIATE MEMORY FOAM DRESSAGE GIRTH can make girth-tightening a less bitey affair. Remember, a happy horse is a less nippy horse!