Horse First Supplements: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Horse First Supplements, where we dive hoof-first into the world of equine health and happiness. Because let's face it, a happy horse means a happy rider, and we're all about spreading those good vibes around the stable!

HORSE FIRST RELAX ME, calming supplement

History: From Hoof to Hero

In 2008, the equestrian world was gifted with Horse First Supplements by Paddy Hughes, a man whose passion for horses rivals that of a kid in a candy store. This legendary leap into horse health was inspired by Paddy's realization that our four-legged friends were in dire need of high-quality supplements. Like a true horse whisperer, he listened to their needs and answered the call.

With a team of experts including a top chemist and a nutritionist who speaks 'equine', Paddy set out to create supplements that were not just good, but revolutionary. The goal? To turn every horse into an equine Einstein, minus the mustache. And so, Horse First was born, blending science with a touch of equestrian magic.

Product Spotlight: The Dream Team

Let’s trot through some of Horse First’s all-star lineup, shall we?

Relax Me: The Zen Master

RELAX ME is like yoga in a scoop. Designed for the horse that’s a bit too jazzed up or thinks that plastic bags are the enemy. This unique double-action formula works on both the gut and the nervous system, creating a calmer, more easy-going horse. Ideal for those moments when you’d prefer your horse not to impersonate a kite in a windstorm.

Hoof First: The Foundation Builder

Next up, HOOF FIRST. Think of it as the ultimate spa treatment for your horse’s hooves, but without the cucumber slices. This powerhouse packs high strength biotin and essential vitamins to promote stronger, healthier hooves. Because every horse deserves to strut its stuff with confidence.

HORSE FIRST HOOF FIRST, for stronger hooves

Cuppra: The Copper Connoisseur

For that show-stopping shine and vitality, HORSE FIRST CUPPRA is like the elixir of life for coats. This ultimate copper top-up not only brings out the gleam in your horse's coat but also supports vital bodily functions. It's like giving your horse a daily dose of sunshine, without the sunburn.

HORSE FIRST CUPPRA, for coat and conditioning

Garlic & More: The Natural Wonder

Imagine all of nature’s goodness, packed into one supplement. That’s HORSE FIRST GARLIC & MORE for you. A blend so unique, it’s like a salad bar for your horse, but with all the nutrients they actually need. This powerful concoction supports the immune system and aids digestion, making it the perfect partner in crime for overall health.

Keep Me Sound: The All-In-One Superhero

Last but not least, HORSE FIRST KEEP ME SOUND is the Swiss Army knife of supplements. It’s got everything your horse needs to stay in tip-top shape, from joints to hooves, and coat to digestion. Think of it as a daily multivitamin that covers all the bases, making sure your horse is ready for whatever adventure lies ahead.

HORSE FIRST KEEP ME SOUND, all-in-one health support

Why Trust Horse First?

Now, you might be thinking, “Why should I choose Horse First Supplements for my equine buddy?” Great question! With a founder like Paddy Hughes, who’s not only a respected horse producer but also someone who genuinely cares about horse welfare, you’re in good hands. Add to that the fact that these supplements are backed by science and have the nod of approval from top riders around the globe, and you’re looking at a winning formula.

Moreover, Horse First’s commitment to quality is unmatched. They don’t just whip up supplements; they craft them with the highest levels of active ingredients. It’s like fine dining, but for your horse. This dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, earning them several awards, including the prestigious "Exporter of the Year Award" at the Greater Newry Business Awards. Talk about a trophy cabinet!

Community and Testimonials: The Proof is in the Paddock

Don't just take our word for it; the equestrian community is buzzing with stories of transformation. From the competitive arenas of show jumping to the serene trails of pleasure riding, Horse First Supplements have made a marked difference. Champions like Michael Whitaker and Ludger Beerbaum, alongside countless everyday heroes, trust these supplements to keep their horses performing at their peak.

Imagine seeing your horse not just as it is, but as it could be: stronger, calmer, and healthier. That’s the Horse First promise, and it's one they deliver on, day in and day out.

Join the Horse First Family

Whether you’re looking to calm a jittery jumper or boost the health of a beloved trail companion, Horse First has something for every horse. And with our commitment to quality, backed by science and loved by champions, you can rest assured that you’re giving your horse the very best.

Ready to take the leap? Explore our full range of Horse First Supplements and join the ranks of happy horses and satisfied riders across the globe. Your horse’s next great breakthrough starts with Horse First.

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At Horse First, we're not just about supplements. We're about building a community of passionate equestrians who want the very best for their horses. So, why wait? The path to a healthier, happier horse begins here. Let’s make every ride the best it can be, together.