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We offer Next Day Delivery on the majority of our Weatherbeeta Range.

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Ever wondered what your horse thinks about their wardrobe? Well, if they could talk, they'd probably rave about WeatherBeeta! And for all the horse riders out there, we've got some exciting news. At Just Horse Riders, we're proud to showcase the WeatherBeeta collection, and guess what? We offer next day delivery on the majority of their range. So, saddle up and let's trot through the world of WeatherBeeta!

WeatherBeeta's Legacy:

For 40 years, since the neon and disco era of 1980, WeatherBeeta has been the Gucci for horses. They've been on a mission: to create high-quality, comfortable, innovative, and durable protection for horses & dogs. And they didn't just stop at being good; they became pioneers. Imagine being one of the first to use synthetic material in horse rugs and dog coats! That's like being the first person to put pineapple on pizza (though, the jury's still out on that one).

From this innovation, the first synthetic designed horse rug was born. Many tried to imitate, but none could replicate. Today, WeatherBeeta proudly gallops in over 30 countries, making horses and their owners strut with pride. Each product, from the Dublin River Boots (which, by the way, come with a FREE tube of Nikwax and have rave reviews for their comfort) to the Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad (loved by users for its quality and price), is designed with the well-being of our four-legged friends in mind.

And if you're wondering about the quality, let's just say they've got a lab. No, not a Labrador, but an actual WeatherBeeta Laboratory. Here, they watch horses more than most of us binge-watch our favourite shows. They've observed horses in the coldest UK winters and the scorching Australian summers. All this to ensure that when you buy a WeatherBeeta product, you're getting the best of the best.


So, whether you're a horse enthusiast, a professional rider, or someone who just loves quality, WeatherBeeta is your go-to. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, they've redefined equestrian fashion. And remember, at Just Horse Riders, we offer next day delivery on the majority of the WeatherBeeta range. So, why the long face? Hop on and shop now!