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Children's Horse Competition Clothing: Let Your Young Equestrians Shine in Style

If you're a parent with a child who's an avid horse rider, getting them ready for a horse show is just as exciting as it is daunting. At Just Horse Riders, we've got your back with our collection of children's horse competition clothing.

What Should My Child Wear for a Horse Show?

Your child's horse show attire should balance comfort, safety, and style. Begin with a well-fitted Shires Aubrion Monmouth Children's Show Shirt, known for its perforated performance fabric that keeps young riders cool under pressure.

What Do Girls Wear for Horse Shows?

Girls usually sport a neat show jacket over their shirt. We recommend the Shires Aston Children's Show Jacket, a classic, velvet-trimmed piece that's as smart as it's comfortable. As one of our customers puts it, it's a "lovely show jacket that looks expensive and fits perfectly!"

What Do Boys Wear in a Horse Show?

Boys also need a tailored show jacket. Check out the Equetech Child's Claydon Tweed Riding Jacket. Its timeless design is perfect for eventing, hunting, and autumn competitions.

What Do Children Wear for In-Hand Showing?

For in-hand showing, apart from a well-fitted jacket and shirt, a tastefully chosen tie adds to the appeal. We suggest the Equetech Junior Polka Dot Show Zipper Tie. It's ready-tied, easy to adjust, and sports a sumptuous woven jacquard look.

How Do You Wear Your Hair to a Horse Show?

Having tidy hair is vital during a horse show. For girls, braids or a low ponytail work great, while boys can style their hair neatly. Remember, safety comes first; a properly fitted helmet is a must!

In conclusion, dressing your child for a horse show isn't merely about looking good – it's also about feeling comfortable and confident. At Just Horse Riders, we've curated a collection that balances all these elements. Explore our Children's Horse Competition Clothing now to ensure your young equestrian shines in style!