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Demystifying Double Bridles: Your Ultimate Equestrian Guide

Welcome to a humorous, yet enlightening journey into the world of Double Bridles! At Just Horse Riders, we understand the importance of the right equestrian gear. Hence, we bring to you this comprehensive guide, aiming to enhance your horse riding experience with our high-quality Double Bridles.

What is the purpose of a double bridle?

A double bridle, or a full bridle, is a key piece of equestrian equipment that offers riders greater control over their horses. Notably, our best-selling Heritage Double Comfort Bridle enhances your horse's comfort whilst ensuring a superior grip.

Should I use a double bridle?

Absolutely! If you're looking for superior control and nuanced communication with your horse, a double bridle is your go-to gear. Try the HKM Double Bridle Estelle for a quality leather option that's both durable and stylish.

What is the correct double bridle?

The correct double bridle aligns with the rider's comfort and horse's acceptance. For instance, the HKM Double Bridle Dina comes with strong silver-coloured fittings and a conical noseband for the perfect fit.

Is my horse ready for a double bridle?

Your horse's readiness for a double bridle depends on various factors, including its training level and mouth sensitivity. Our Eco Rider Freedom Double Bridle is made from soft Ecoleather, ensuring the comfort of your horse.

How do you introduce a double bridle to a horse?

Introducing a double bridle requires patience and progression. Start with familiarisation and gradually incorporate the double bridle into your training routine. Our Rhinegold Anatomic Double Bridle can be an ideal choice for a smooth transition.

How do you start a horse with a double bridle?

Begin with short training sessions, and gradually increase the duration as your horse gets accustomed to the double bridle. Always ensure a correct fit to prevent any discomfort.


In conclusion, double bridles are an excellent tool for enhanced communication with your horse, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. Understanding their purpose and correct use can significantly improve your equestrian experience. So, are you ready to explore our extensive range of Double Bridles? The right product for you and your horse awaits at Just Horse Riders!