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What does my child need to start horse riding?

So your little one has a penchant for ponies? That’s terrific! Horse riding is an amazing way for kids to connect with nature, learn responsibility, and get a hefty dose of fun! But before they saddle up, they need a few essentials. And no, we don't mean carrots for the horse! We're talking about our collection of horse riding gear specifically designed for kids. This includes DUBLIN FOUNDATION CHILDS JODHPUR BOOTS for protection and support, SHIRES WESSEX TWO TONE JODHPURS to provide comfort and flexibility during rides, and let's not forget RHINEGOLD CHILDS PRO COMFORT BODY PROTECTOR to ensure safety when riding.

What is the best age for kids to start horse riding?

Is your child ready to trade the rocking horse for the real deal? Excellent! As for the right age, it's a bit like asking when they should start learning the violin. The perfect age to start horse riding varies. Some kids might be ready as early as three years old, others might bloom a little later. The key is to ensure that they have a healthy balance of eagerness, maturity, and physical ability. But no matter their age, every little equestrian can benefit from our delightful I LOVE MY PONY COLLECTION HORSE RIDING GLOVES BY LITTLE RIDER. So adorable, they might just want to wear them to school!

Do kids need riding boots?

Do fish need water? In the world of horse riding, boots are more than just a fashion statement (although our DUBLIN FOUNDATION CHILDS JODHPUR BOOTS do make quite the sartorial splash!). They offer protection, prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup, and provide much-needed support to the ankle and foot. So, to put it simply, yes, your child absolutely needs riding boots for their equestrian adventures.

What gear does my child need to ride a horse?

Alright, let's saddle up and take inventory! Your child will need a comfortable, durable pair of jodhpurs (like our SHIRES WESSEX TWO TONE JODHPURS - MAIDS), a reliable body protector (have a look at our RHINEGOLD CHILDS PRO COMFORT BODY PROTECTOR), horse riding gloves, a riding hat, and of course, riding boots. Just remember, every piece of gear is a knight's armor, and with the right fit and style, your little knight will be ready to gallop into the sunset!