Horsemen s Pride Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball - Blue
These Jolly Balls from Horsemans Price are a great interactive toy which can float and bounce. The Tug-N-Toss can be punctured yet it will not deflate. Made of low density non-toxic polyethylene so is safe for everyone. Available in two...
Kong Extreme Goodie Ribbon - Black
A treasure trove of chewing! A unique bone shape and durable Extreme rubber satisfies and rewards natural chewing instincts while providing a long lasting solution that keeps dogs engaged. Stuff with Easy Treat and the ridges inside will make getting...
Boomer Ball - One Colour
This ball from Boomer is the perfect durable, hardwearing toy, it is virtually indestructible and is ideal for those ball-obsessed, toy destroyers who love to chase and conquer. It is not intended for your dog to carry. It can also...
Kong Ballistic Hide N Treat - Assorted
Brings treat dispensing fun to the ballistic family. This durable plush toy, delivers a two in one action, as a mentally challenging treat puzzle and doubling as a fetch toy when closed.
Kong Rewards Ball - Blue
A rolling, bouncing fun-filled feast that's as tough as it is fun, it randomly dispenses treats or kibble as a dog moves it around. Providing healthy mental stimulation, the unique shape also has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs active
Kong Hopz - One Colour
A rewarding treat dispenser which satisfies natural foraging instincts. This durable puzzle provides long lasting mental enrichment. It has an unusual bounce which sparks chasing instincts. The unique rocking motion and a squeak keeps dogs engaged.
King Catnip Toy - Tote Bag
Filled with 100% organic North American catnip. Strong aromatic fragrance and ethically sourced. Contains only the catnip leaf, which is far more attractive to cats than the generic dust that is widely used. Handmade in the UK and the USA.
Kong Goodie Ribbon - Red
A treasure trove of chewing! Stuff the four spaces with treats and the Goodie Gripper ridges inside will make getting the nibbles out a mentally challenging puzzle for dogs. Durable Classic rubber satisfies natural chewing instincts.
Kong Goodie Bone - One Colour
The answer to dogs that love the classic bone shape but need a safe and strong rubber toy. The ends of the bone have the patented goodie grippers for stuffing with snacks or filling with paste.
Jolly Pets Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball - Blue
This Ball from Jolly Pets is a great interactive toy with a handle that makes them super easy to retrieve. These balls float and bounce and do not need air to inflate. Ideal for medium to large dogs or available...
Kong Comfort Jumbo - Assorted
The toy has an extra large body that invites dogs for extra large fun. Crinkle sounds extend the engagement and spark natural shaking instincts extending playtime. Added squeakers and an irresistibly soft plush exterior combined with a giant snuggly body...
Kong Dragon Knot Assorted Colours - Assorted
A whimsical addition to the collection, the realistic feel of the internal knotted rope, big body squeaker and crinkling sound of the magical wings get dogs geared for play and satisfies their natural instincts. The strong rope knot tug toy...
Buster Activity Mat Starter Set - One Colour
Contains 35 press studs placed 10cm apart. Different tasks can be attached to the mat, most of them with varying levels of difficulty depending on if the tasks are folded or left open. The mat fits a different range of...
Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll Jolly Ball - Red
This ball on a rope can be thrown, kicked, carried and tugged. The rope can be pulled back and forth through the flexible ball but never out. The Romp-N-Roll can float and is made to be extra durable so the...
Kong Catnip Premium - One Colour
North American grown catnip of the highest quality, it is harvested at the peak of its flavour, colour and fragrance and field-dried. The premium leaf and flower cut gives more of the essential oils that cause a reaction in most...
Kong Wubba Weaves With Rope - Assorted
Combines the thrill of fetching and tugging with a long lasting chewing experience. The twisted knotted rope is woven to provide a long lasting outlet for natural chewing instincts while also helping clean teeth and gums.
Kong Wubba Friends - Assorted
The cutest interactive squeak and shake toys available. These versatile toys are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and their floppy tails make them easy to pick up and throw. Each toy is covered with soft plush.
Kong Airdog Squeaker Bone - One Colour
Combines two classic dog toys, the tennis ball and the squeaker, to create the perfect fetch toy. The non-abrasive, high quality material will not wear down dogs' teeth. Find your dog's favourite shape and let the games begin.
Kong Puppy Binkie - Blue/Pink
Helps teach puppies appropriate chewing behaviour. Made from the Classic unique puppy rubber, this toy fulfils instinctual needs to chew while easing aching teeth and gums. The ability to fill the centre turns this toy into a fun treat dispenser.
Kong Wubba Weaves - Assorted
Here's a new twist on an old favourite. Feature a twist knot, cotton ball of rope that cleans teeth while dogs play. The signature nylon tails are still there, making the toy ideal for games of fetch.
Kong Crunchair Balls - Yellow
It's all about the crunch! The toy creates a crunching sensation that delights dogs while fulfilling their natural chewing and chasing instincts. Features an ideal bounce that is great for interactive play. It's also durable, making sure that fetch, chase...
Kong Flipz Eu - Blue/Green
This toy pops up and over when dogs tap it, dispensing treats as it flips and wobbles, sparking natural foraging instincts for a mentally stimulating food puzzle. The unpredictable action and squeaker keeps dogs captivated, while the durability is sure...
Kong Jump N Jack - Red
Has a fun bounce and unique design that's great for chew sessions. The Denta-Ridges reduce plaque while providing a gentle cleaning and conditioning of teeth and gums. Fill with Easy Treat or peanut butter to extend playtime.
Kong Rewards Tennis - Blue
Adds a topspin to treat dispensing that rewards with treats and fun with every action packed roll. Built from durable materials and featuring unpredictable movement, this toy is sure to keep dogs engaged while providing mental and physical enrichment. An...
Kong Signature Balls - Red
Brings ultra-durability and an uber-bounce to games of fetch and retrieve. Dogs that are driven to fetch will delight in play sessions and with a durable construction its sure to last.
Kong Wubba Snugga - Assorted
An interactive toss and comfort toy. There are no squeakers inside for quiet, gentle indoor play. The soft, thick fleece fabric cover is comforting to snuggle with and is great for indoor or outdoor play.
Kong Tennishoes Giraffe - One Colour
Reward dogs with multiple tennis ball options and extended play sessions. The four dangling tennis ball legs create unpredictable movement that encourage dogs to instinctually thrash, twist or shake the toy, while squeakers entice play for added fun.
Jolly Pets Jolly Egg Jolly Ball - Yellow
These have been designed for constant, erratic motion with a fun oval shape. Dogs can never quite get a grip on the egg!
Kong Quest Bone - Assorted
A treat dispensing toy with loads of personality! Made using a brightly coloured, flexible material, these toys deliver a new challenge. Each toy is great for light to moderate chewers and can be stuffed with your dog's favourite treats.
Kong Stuff-A-Ball - Red
Helps support your dogs' chewing behaviour. Made from the same rubber as the Classic, this ball fulfills instinctual needs to chew while cleaning teeth and gums. Denta-Ridges turn this toy into a fun treat dispensing challenge.
Kong Wobbler - One Colour
The classic-shaped toy is an action packed treat and food dispenser. It sits upright until pushed by a dog's paw or nose and then periodically dispenses tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy...
Kong Squeezz Jels - One Colour
Vibrant, animal-shaped characters that squeak and have a unique bounce when thrown for a game of fetch. These toys are easy to squeak and are great for indoor and outdoor use. Your dog will squeak with joy.
Buster Activity Mat Game Rainbow Purse - One Colour
Oblong task with four pockets for treats. The task is folded, sealed with velcro and attached to the mat with three aligned press studs. The dog must unfold the task entirely to find a treat. To be used in conjunction...
Kong Squeezz Ball - One Colour
With a recessed squeaker that gives the safest and funniest squeak of any toy out there. Great for games of fetch, the erratic bounce and squeak guarantee tons of fun for you and your dog.
Kong Wubba Finz - Pink
This new toy has long floppy tails that make it easy for tugging and super fun for your dog to shake, satisfying natural thrashing instincts. Two balls inside help it bounce and squeak, extending games of catch and release for...
Kong Tiltz - One Colour
A delightful, no mess treat dispenser that mentally and physically stimulates your dog to keep them engaged for hours. As your dog tilts, spins and rocks the toy, treats are erratically dispensed for added engagement and enticing fun.
Kong Extreme - One Colour
The most durable version of the original toy. The ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber compound is recommended for the most powerful chewers.
Kong Airdog Dumbbell - Yellow/Blue
Combines two classic dog toys, the tennis ball and the squeaker, to create the perfect fetch toy. The non-abrasive, high-quality material will not wear down dogs' teeth. Find your dog's favourite shape and let the games begin.
Kong Squeezz Dental - Green
These toys satisfy dogs instinctual need to chew as the textured nubs reward appropriate behaviour while cleaning teeth. Stuffing with treats and its flexible material add to the engagement while extending playtime. The way the toy flexes as dogs chew...
Kong Twistz Ring - Red/Green/Blue
Blends together durability and flexibility to satisfy tug and fetch instincts in a ring of fun. With just enough give to make tugging more tempting and rolling, bouncy rebounds more dynamic, this easy to grip toy is ideal for tug-of-wars...
Kong Wubba Comet - Assorted
Another great addition to the successful Wubba family. This new addition features a protective outer shell designed for dogs that love to chew while a variety of durable textures engage dogs in playtime fun.
Buster Activity Mat Game Spring Roll - One Colour
Oblong task with four lengthwise pockets for treats. The task is rolled up, tired with sewn on ties and attached to the mat by means of four aligned press studs. To be used in conjunction with the activity mat.
Buster Activity Mat Game Top Hat - One Colour
Circular task with eight pockets. Attaches to the mat with four press studs on the bottom square without being folded. To be used in conjunction with the activity mat.
Kong Wubba Ballistic Friend - One Colour
The cutest and toughest interactive squeak and shake toys available. These versatile toys are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and their floppy tails make them easy to pick up and throw. Each toy is covered with durable, reinforced nylon...
Kong Squeakair Ball C/W Rope - One Colour
Combines two classic dog toys, the tennis ball and the squeaker toy, to create the perfect fetch toy. The durable, high quality tennis ball will not wear down your dog's teeth. It's made with a special non-abrasive felt, compared to...
Kong Jumbler Football Assorted Colours - One Colour
A 2-in-1 ball toy for twice the interactive fun. The interior tennis ball and loud squeak entice play, while the handles make pickup and shaking easy. It stands up to tough play, making it ideal for games of fetch and...
Kong Flyer - One Colour
The best soft rubber disc on the market. Made with durable rubber, it won't hurt a dog's teeth during fun games of fetch and catch.
Kong Dotz Triangle - One Colour
Providing a variety of chewing fun with layered textures that entice and delight the most eager of chewers. The playful, unpredictable bounce of the toy creates excitement for pups while the nubs are busy cleaning teeth and gums.
Kong Ball Extreme - One Colour
The toughest and most durable ball on the market. The perfect toy for the dog that loves to fetch and chew.
King Catnip Mist - White
This is a highly attractive scent that cats love. Naturally encourages play, energetic behaviour and a sense of well-being. Ideal for spraying on to your cat's toys, scratchers or bedding. Catnip is a safe non-toxic addition to promote playful behaviour.
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