Whitaker Spurs Soft Touch Nylon - Red/Navy
These Spurs are coated with soft touch nylon and features a ribbed inner to stop slipping.
Shires Blenheim Leather Spur Straps - Havana
These are quality leather spur straps from shires. 1/2" (12.5mm).
Shires Plastic Ball End Spurs - Blue
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Shires Plastic Ball End Spurs - Blue
These lightweight spurs from Shires will fit most boot sizes and come with a splash of colour to make it just that more exciting. 16mm shank with rounded ball end to reduce the risk of jabbing.
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Korsteel Aluminium Interchangeable Spurs - Silver
Korsteel Aluminium Interchangeable Spurs - Silver
These Spurs from Korsteel are a lightweight spurs with 3 interchangeable necks
Whitaker Spurs Prince Of Wales - One Colour
These Silver tone spurs with logo on the outer. Complete with straps.
Shires Bits/Spurs/Stirrups Equikind Jointed Eggbutt Flat Ring - One Colour
This jointed eggbutt has a strong, durable EquiKind covering to make it gentle on the horse’s mouth. Apple flavoured.
Shires Ball End Spurs - Adults - Stainless Steel
These spurs from shires come with rounded ends which gives more gentle encouragement than a standard shank. Stainless steel.
Shires Rubber Covered Stainless Steel Spurs - Stainless Steel
The rubber on the spurs help them to stay in the perfect position on the boot. Stainless steel and rubber.
Shires Ball End Spurs - Childs - Stainless Steel
Children's spurs from Shires come with a 3/4" (18mm) neck ball end shank. Stainless steel.
Shires Plaited Nylon Spur Straps - Black
These Plaited nylon spur straps from shires will do the job.
Korsteel Roller Ball Spurs - N/A
Stainless Steel Roller Ball Spurs. Ideal for the novice rider.
Kincade Braided Spur Strap - Black
The Kincade Braided Spur Straps are durable spur straps for working and training. Measurement is 20 inches 51 cm
Korsteel P.O.W. Never Rust Spurs with Straps - Steel
Korsteel 20mm stainless steel spurs with nylon straps.
Shires Bits/Spurs/Stirrups Sweet Iron Copper Tom Thumb - One Colour
The sweet iron and copper combination from Shires in this bit help to promote salivation and encourage softening. The cheeks give this bit a lever action. The raised copper ribs can help to prevent the horse taking too much of...
Shires Roller Ball Spurs - Stainless Steel
These stainless steel ball from shires gently rolls along the horses side for gentle encouragement. Will not jab or pull and prevents marking. Stainless steel.
Lorina Spur Straps - Nylon - One Colour
Nylon spur straps. Sold in pairs.
Lorina Polo Spur Rubber Roller - One Colour
The action of the plastic ball roller is softer than the one of a metal roller’s, to avoid marks and the risk of injury.
Lorina Dressage Spurs - Ladies
Sold in pairs.
Kincade Plastic/Rubber Spurs - Light Blue/Blue
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Kincade Plastic/Rubber Spurs - Light Blue/Blue
These Plastic/Rubber Spurs from Kincade are a lightweight, colourful spur designed to encourage your horse whilst schooling. The 20mm rounded tip provides gentle encouragement without marking the horses sides. The Plastic/Rubber Spurs feature a plastic outer for durability and a...
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