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John Whitaker: A Legacy of Excellence in Equestrian Sport and Products

When it comes to equestrian excellence, one name leaps over the rest like a showjumper clearing a triple bar - John Whitaker. Born into the saddle on August 5, 1955, in Huddersfield, UK, John is not just a celebrated British equestrian and Olympian but also a connoisseur in crafting top-notch equestrian gear. Let's canter through the remarkable journey of this equestrian maestro.

A Storied Career in Show Jumping

John's show jumping career is like a fine wine - it only gets better with time. Spanning over four decades, his career is sprinkled with international victories and shiny medals. He's been a part of the Great Britain Olympic team not once, not twice, but five times! A silver medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles? That's just John being John.

And let's talk about his equine partners. John and the legendary horse Milton were like the dynamic duo of show jumping. Together, they pranced their way to victory and amassed over £1 million in prize money. That's some serious horse power!

A Family Legacy

The Whitaker family is to show jumping what the Kardashians are to reality TV - they're everywhere, and they're fabulous at what they do. John's children and younger brother are also top-notch show jumpers, making family get-togethers a likely place for impromptu show jumping trivia.

John Whitaker International Limited: A Name Synonymous with Quality

At John Whitaker International Limited, quality is not just a word; it's a philosophy. This family-run business, stewarded by John himself, is all about providing top-tier equestrian products. Whether you're a weekend rider or an Olympic hopeful, their gear might just be the secret sauce you need.

Speaking of top-tier products, have a look at the John Whitaker NRG Riding Helmet. Suitable for nearly all Riding Clubs, this helmet is a blend of safety and style. With a coolmax lining and shock-absorbing EPS foam, it's like having a personal bodyguard for your head. Plus, the Dial-To-Fit system ensures it sits on your noggin just right. Check it out here.

John Whitaker NRG Riding Helmet

And if you're going to ride in style, why not do it in the Whitaker Rothwell Roll Up Rain Sheet? This practical rug is not just waterproof but also breathable. It's the perfect 'throw on and go' accessory for those unpredictable weather days. You can even use it while riding. Grab yours here.

Whitaker Rothwell Roll Up Rain Sheet

Riding High with Innovations

When it comes to innovation, John Whitaker International is like the Elon Musk of the equestrian world. They're always one jump ahead, ensuring riders and their horses have the best of the best. Take, for instance, their Valencia 9 Loop 1/2" Rubber Reins. These reins are not just reins; they're the reins of your dreams. With spaced leather stoppers for a better grip and a nylon inner for extra protection, you're practically guaranteed a smoother ride. Get a grip on them here.

John Whitaker Valencia 9 Loop 1/2' Rubber Reins

And let's not forget about the Whitaker Lunge Roller. It's not just any roller; it's the Rolls Royce of rollers. Anatomically-shaped to keep your horse comfy, this roller comes with multiple rings for various attachment options. It's the Swiss Army knife in your training toolkit. Ready to roll? Check it out here.

Whitaker Lunge Roller

The Man Behind the Brand

John's not just a face on the products; he's the brain and heart behind them. His deep understanding of what riders need stems from his own experiences in the saddle. It's like having your gear approved by a showjumping Jedi Master. And just when you thought he couldn't get any cooler, he's still competing at top levels, even in his 60s. That's what we call #AgingLikeAFineWine.

John Whitaker's Equestrian Empire

The empire of John Whitaker International doesn't stop at reins and helmets. They've got everything from the sleek Clayton Men's Grip Knee Breech – a perfect amalgam of comfort and style, to an entire Jodhpur Collection. Whether you're trotting around the training ground or galloping towards the next competition, they've got you covered. Literally.

John Whitaker Clayton Men's Grip Knee Breech

More Than Just Gear: A Community of Equestrian Enthusiasts

John Whitaker International isn't just selling equestrian products; they're nurturing a community. A community where horse lovers, from casual riders to competitive show jumpers, can find everything they need. Need a new pair of boots? Their Horse Riding Boot Collection has got you covered. And let's not forget about those hard-working hands - keep them protected and stylish with the Horse Riding Gloves Collection.

A Touch of Love

Every rider knows, a happy horse is a performing horse. Pamper your equine partner with treats from the Horse Treats And Gifts collection. Because who doesn't love a good treat, right? And to keep them in tip-top shape, check out the Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements. It's like a spa day for your horse!

Striding into the Future

John Whitaker's journey in the equestrian world is far from over. With every jump, every product, he's striding into the future. His brand is not just a testament to his own legacy but a beacon for the future of equestrian sports. From innovative Horse Bridles to essential Hoof Care & Boots, John Whitaker International is setting the pace for the equestrian world.


John Whitaker's legacy in the equestrian world is a tapestry of athletic triumphs, innovative products, and a thriving community. Whether you're saddling up for your first lesson or chasing your next championship, John Whitaker's brand offers a rich history and a promise of excellence. Remember, every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. So, saddle up, and let John Whitaker International be a part of your equestrian journey!

Explore more about this equestrian legend and his range of products at John Whitaker International. Who knows? Your next ride could be your best one yet, with a little help from John Whitaker!