Just Horse Riders: Saddle Up in Style with John Whitaker

Gallop into Glamour with John Whitaker Saddle Pads & Fly Veils

Are you looking to upgrade your equestrian gear with a touch of class? Look no further than our John Whitaker collection! Perfect for those who understand that style in the stable is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

WHITAKER SADDLE PAD THORNTON: A Symphony of Style and Comfort

Whitaker Saddle Pad Thornton, luxurious and comfortable

First on our runway is the Whitaker Saddle Pad Thornton. This isn't just a saddle pad; it's a fashion statement. With its satin finish and metallic effect binding, it's like the Versace of saddle pads. And let’s not forget the three elegant diamantes - because who doesn’t like a bit of bling? Not to mention, it’s as comfy as your favorite pair of jodhpurs!


John Whitaker Union Jack Satin Fly Veil, stylish and breathable

Next, let’s talk about the Union Jack Fly Veil. It’s not just any fly veil - it’s a patriotic statement! Crafted with breathable cotton ears and a satin Union Jack peak, it’s perfect for those who want their horse to look as regal as the Queen's Guard (but with more mobility and less standing).

WHITAKER FLY VEIL THORNTON: The Cherry on Top of Your Equestrian Ensemble

Whitaker Fly Veil Thornton, elegant with metallic embroidery

Last but not least, the Whitaker Fly Veil Thornton. This is not just a veil; it's an accessory that shouts "Look at me, I’m fabulous!" Its poly-satin ears and metallic embroidery are so chic, your horse might just trot with a little extra sass.

So there you have it, folks. Whether you're booting up for a casual ride or prepping for a competition, these John Whitaker essentials are sure to turn heads. Remember, looking good isn’t just for the show ring; it’s for every ring, even if it’s just the one made by your horse's hooves in the arena.

And hey, while you’re sprucing up your horse's wardrobe, why not treat yourself too? Check out our gloves, socks, and horse treats and gifts. After all, happy rider, happy horse!

For your horse's health and happiness, don't forget our everyday vitamins & supplements, and for those chillier days, wrap them up in our stable rugs or turnout rugs. After all, style is important, but comfort is king!

Stay stylish, equestrians!