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Just Horse Riders - Equine Excellence

Discover the Equestrian Excellence with John Whitaker Turnout Rugs

Hey there, horse enthusiasts! Are you looking for something that combines style, comfort, and durability for your equine companion? Look no further than Just Horse Riders! Today, we're trotting through our exclusive collection of John Whitaker Turnout Rugs, where quality meets quirky design.

WHITAKER RASTRICK TURNOUT RUG 100GM - A Rug That Understands British Weather

WHITAKER RASTRICK TURNOUT RUG 100GM - waterproof, breathable with 100gm fibre fill First up, the WHITAKER RASTRICK TURNOUT RUG 100GM. This isn’t just any rug; it’s a horse’s best defense against the infamous British drizzle. Waterproof, breathable, and tougher than a week-old scone, it's perfect for everyday heroics in the field. And with reflective threads, your horse will be the most visible star on the cloudiest of nights!


WHITAKER RASTRICK TURNOUT RUG 0GM - perfect for warmer days Then there’s the WHITAKER RASTRICK TURNOUT RUG 0GM. Ideal for those warmer days when your horse wants to feel the breeze without the bugs. It’s like wearing a t-shirt on a sunny day, but for horses. Classy, comfortable, and just the right amount of chic.

WHITAKER FLY RUG MARWELL - Fashion Meets Function

WHITAKER FLY RUG MARWELL - stylish fly repelling zebra print And let's not forget the WHITAKER FLY RUG MARWELL. It’s the zebra-print ensemble that says, “I’m too fabulous for flies.” A definite must-have for those swanky summer pasture parties.

But wait, there's more! Strut into our Jodhpur Collection for the latest in legwear, or gallop over to our Horse Riding Boot Collection for boots that mean business. And remember, no outfit is complete without accessories from our Horse Riding Gloves Collection and Horse Riding Socks Collection.

Whether you're rewarding your noble steed with treats from our Horse Treats And Gifts collection or ensuring their well-being with Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements, Just Horse Riders is your one-stop shop for all things equestrian. So, saddle up and let’s ride towards exceptional equestrian style!