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For those who thought tights were just for ballet dancers or superheroes, think again! The equestrian world has its own set of fabulous leggings, and they're not just for show. Let's dive into the world of horse riding tights and discover why they're the talk of the town (or rather, the stable).

What are horse riding tights called?

Well, they're called... wait for it... horse riding tights! But if you want to sound fancy at your next equestrian gathering, you can also refer to them as equestrian performance tights or equine riding pants. Just remember, it's all about the confidence when you say it.

Why do horse riders wear tights?

It's not just to show off those toned calf muscles. Horse riders wear tights like the SHIRES AUBRION PORTER WINTER RIDING TIGHTS for their flexibility, comfort, and moisture management. As one satisfied customer said, they offer a "comfy fit and great quality". So, it's not just about looking good, but feeling good too!

What's the difference between horse riding tights and jodhpurs?

While both are designed for riding, tights, like the SHIRES AUBRION ALBANY RIDING TIGHTS, are more flexible and have the comfort of quick-drying, stretch fabric. Jodhpurs, on the other hand, are more traditional, often made of thicker material and have a distinct flare at the bottom. Think of tights as the modern, trendy cousin of the jodhpurs.

Can you ride a horse in tights?

Absolutely! In fact, with tights like the DUBLIN PERFORMANCE COOL-IT GEL RIDING TIGHTS, you'll not only ride but might just glide! With their four-way stretch fabric, you'll have freedom like never before. And that silicone gel print seat? That's for optimum grip and stability. So, can you ride a horse in tights? More like, how did you ever ride without them?

Can you wear gym tights for horse riding?

While gym tights might make you look like a fitness guru, they might not offer the same benefits as dedicated horse riding tights. Equestrian tights, like the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN HIGH WAIST POCKET TIGHTS, are designed with features like silicone grips for better saddle stability. So, while you can wear gym tights, why settle for less when you can have the best?

What is the difference between riding breeches and riding tights?

Breeches are the traditional, often thicker cousins of riding tights. While breeches have been around for ages, riding tights, especially ones like the CAMEO EQUINE CORE COLLECTION TIGHTS, are the modern evolution, offering flexibility, moisture-wicking properties, and often, a more contemporary look. It's like comparing a classic car to a modern sports car – both have their charm, but one is definitely zippier!


From the stables to the racetracks, horse riding tights are revolutionizing the way equestrians gear up. Whether it's the flexibility of the equine riding pants or the moisture-wicking properties of the equestrian athletic tights, there's no denying that these are a game-changer. So, the next time you gear up for a ride, remember to slip into something more comfortable, stylish, and performance-driven. And if you're looking for the best in the business, you know where to find them – right here at Just Horse Riders!