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The Ultimate Guide to Ladies Horse Riding Gloves: Don’t Hold Your Horses, Get Them Now!

If you thought equestrian fashion was all about looking chic in the saddle, you've been led down the garden bridle path. Horse riding isn't just a passion; it's a lifestyle that demands the right gear. Ladies, we're not horsing around when we say that investing in a pair of Ladies Horse Riding Gloves is crucial, and here’s why:

Why do people wear gloves while horse riding?

Ever tried to hold onto a frisky horse with bare hands? Yikes! Apart from saving you from the “horsepower” of a spirited steed, the best ladies horse riding gloves, like our Shires Newbury Horse Riding Gloves, ensure a steady grip, comfort, and protection against the elements.

How should riding gloves fit?

Finding a perfect fit in a world where ‘one size fits all’ is about as likely as a horse winning the lottery! But don’t fret, the JHR Pimple Grip Track Horse Riding Gloves come with touch tape wrist adjustments and reinforced wear patches for extra durability. Handy, lightweight, and always there when you need a ‘helping hand’.

Do I need riding gloves?

Do horses neigh? Absolutely! Riding gloves aren't just a fancy accessory to trot out; they’re a staple for anyone who wants to keep their hands in top-notch condition while they master the reins. We recommend the Hy5 Sport Dynamic Lightweight Horse Riding Gloves for an advanced riding experience.

What is the correct way to hold horse reins?

Holding reins correctly can be trickier than a horse with a Sudoku puzzle. That's where gloves, like our Mark Todd Super Riding Gloves, with their reinforced rein fingers and leather-effect palms, come in. You’ll have the grip of a champion and the hands of a hand model!

Which hand do you hold horse reins in?

Both, dear reader, both. This isn't like a schoolyard pick for your favourite hand. And with the right pair of gloves, either hand will be up to the task.

What gloves should I wear on the yard?

Consider the Aubrion All Purpose Yard Gloves for your yard duties. Our customers praise them as 'excellent gloves, good size, great for yard duties to save my riding gloves'. Well, if it’s good enough for them...

In conclusion, ladies horse riding gloves are your go-to for a comfortable and safer ride. So, whether you're trotting in the countryside or racing in the rain, always remember - no glove, no love for your hands! So why not browse our collection and treat your hands to the TLC they deserve?

How to measure for horse riding gloves?

Here we have a short video on how to measure up for horse riding gloves and a few tips on how you know if they fit or not. Enjoy!