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Likit Horse Treats & Toys: Equestrian Entertainment at Its Finest

Greetings, fellow horse enthusiasts! Ever wondered how to keep your equine companion entertained when you're not around? Or perhaps you've pondered the age-old question: "What does my horse do when I'm not watching?" Let's dive into the magical world of Likit Horse Treats & Toys and discover the answer!


In the grand tapestry of equestrian brands, Likit stands out like a horse in a... well, horse shop. Their raison d'être? Providing boredom relief and palate-pleasing treats for horses. Today, we'll canter through the many benefits of these equestrian delights and discover how they gallop their way into the hearts (and mouths) of horses everywhere.

Benefits of Likit Horse Treats & Toys

Boredom Relief

Let's face it; we all get a bit stir-crazy sometimes, even our four-legged friends. Unlike us, horses can't just binge-watch their favorite show or text their buddies. That's where Likit gallops to the rescue! With their innovative products, our equine pals can stay entertained, alleviating boredom and the accompanying stress. And trust me, a bored horse can lead to some horseplay you might not be ready for!


For instance, the STUD MUFFINS MINI CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR isn't just a mouthful to say; it's a monthful of delightful Christmas Pudding-flavored Stud Muffins for your horse. Every day leading up to the big 25, your horse can indulge in these meticulously crafted treats, handmade with love in Ayrshire, Scotland. And let's be real; if you thought your human advent calendar was exciting, just imagine how your horse feels!

Natural Grazing

Ever seen a horse stretch for a tasty treat hanging just out of reach? It's a sight to behold and, more importantly, encourages natural grazing and stretching behaviors. Behold the LIKIT STUD MUFFINS! Not only are these treats delectable, but when paired with the right toy, they also provide hours of amusement.

LIKIT STUD MUFFINS - Handmade with care for your equine friend

These handmade delights are fortified with extra protein and flax seeds, making them as nutritious as they are delicious. It's like the gourmet, health-conscious dessert of the horse world.


Imagine this: a spinning, challenging, and entertaining toy that's also a treat dispenser. Sounds like a horse's dream come true, right? Enter the Likit Boredom Buster. This toy can be used solo or attached to a Likit holder for a dynamic duo of fun. And remember, this isn't just a treat—it's a full-blown equine entertainment system!

Exploring Likit's Equestrian Delights

When it comes to innovation and variety, Likit is the Secretariat of the equestrian treat world. They offer an impressive stable of products designed to cater to every horse's quirks, tastes, and entertainment needs. Let's explore some more of their bestsellers:

For The Lickers and Scrapers

Some horses are gentle lickers; others are enthusiastic scrapers. Thankfully, Likit has got them all covered with the BIZZY BITES REFILL. Made from a unique recipe, these refills are prepared at high temperatures to ensure a solid core. When combined with the right toy, your horse gets to choose between a satisfying lick or an engaging scrape!

BIZZY BITES REFILL - Tasty and challenging for horses

High-spec Nutritional Licks

Ever thought about combining nutrition with entertainment? With the LIKIT PADDOCK LIKIT, that's exactly what you get! This 8kg beauty is packed with vitamins, minerals, garlic, yeast, and omega 3 oils. And the best part? It's versatile enough for both stable and field use.

LIKIT PADDOCK LIKIT - A nutritional powerhouse for horses

The Ultimate Toy Combo

Speaking of versatility, the LIKIT BOREDOM BUSTER offers double the fun! Not only does it spin like the tongue-twister toys your horse loves, but it also moves like a boredom breaker. Lightweight and compact, this toy is perfect for situations where it can't be left hanging all the time. It's like the Swiss Army knife of horse toys!

LIKIT BOREDOM BUSTER - The ultimate horse entertainment system

Where to Shop

Now that you're chomping at the bit to give your horse some Likit love, you might wonder where to shop. Well, worry not! From jodhpurs to boots and from bridles to hoof care, Just Horse Riders is your one-stop-shop for all equestrian needs. Don't forget to check out their impressive collections, including the must-have Horse Treats And Gifts.

Optimal Care for the Trusty Steed

A horse isn't just an animal; it's a partner, a confidante, and sometimes, the best therapist. So, when it comes to caring for this noble creature, only the best will do. Whether it's health, comfort, or simply a tasty treat, here's how you can keep your horse in tip-top shape.

Everyday Essentials

Maintaining a horse's health is a daily commitment. From ensuring they get the right nutrition to keeping them entertained, every day counts. With Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements, you can make sure your horse gets its daily dose of essential nutrients, ensuring it remains healthy and robust.

Decked Out in Style

Your horse might not be competing at the next derby, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't look its best. From stylish jodhpurs to sturdy riding boots, and even to the tiniest accessory like riding gloves, every piece plays its part in the equestrian ensemble.

The Finer Details

Attention to detail can make all the difference, especially when it comes to horse care. Ensure that hooves are well-taken care of with products from the Hoof Care & Boots collection, and when riding out, ensure your control is gentle yet firm with the perfect bridle.

Parting Words

Taking care of a horse is a journey, not a destination. It's about the daily efforts, the little moments, and the shared experiences. With Just Horse Riders by your side, you're equipped with the best, for the best. So saddle up, ride into the horizon, and remember - every day is an adventure waiting to happen.

Till our next gallop into the world of equestrian delights, keep riding and stay awesome!