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What do men wear to ride horses?

Equestrian attire is all about safety, comfort, and style. Men typically wear a combination of breeches, riding boots, a comfortable shirt, and a jacket for formal events. A great example is the EQUETECH MENS FOXBURY TWEED RIDING JACKET. This tweed jacket embodies the timeless style and functionality that competitive equestrian clothing represents. It's tailored with quality, breathable tweed fabric to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout your ride.

Moving down to the bottom half, breeches like the APOLLO AIR MEN'S STORM SHOWERPROOF HORSE RIDING BREECHES or the MARK TODD MENS AUCKLAND BREECHES are perfect examples of riding bottoms. Designed with the rider's comfort in mind, these breeches are durable, water-resistant, and provide the necessary grip for secure riding.

Is horse riding for men?

Horse riding is a sport that transcends gender; it's for anyone who loves the thrill, grace, and mutual respect that come with riding a horse. Men have been involved in equestrian sports for centuries, from the battlefield to the sports field, showcasing their skills in disciplines like dressage, show jumping, and polo. There are no physical or societal barriers that prevent men from enjoying equestrian sports.

What do you call a guy who rides horses?

A man who rides a horse is often referred to as a horseman, rider, or equestrian. But it's more than just a title; being a horseman implies a sense of understanding, respect, and communication with the horse. It's about creating a bond with your equine partner and working together, whether you're in the training ring, out for a leisurely ride, or competing in an event.

What percent of horse riders are male?

While historically men have been predominantly involved in horse riding, especially in competitive equestrian sports, the gender balance has been shifting over the years. It's estimated that as of now, around 20-30% of horse riders are male, with the percentage varying based on discipline and geographical location. Horse riding is truly a unisex sport, and everyone is welcome in the saddle.

Do horses prefer female riders?

Horses, being the perceptive animals they are, don't inherently prefer one gender over the other. They respond to the rider's abilities, communication, and treatment rather than the rider's gender. So whether you're a male or female rider, what matters most is your understanding of the horse and your ability to establish a strong, respectful bond with them.

Our collection of men's competition clothing, including items like the SHIRES AUBRION SHORT SLEEVE TIE SHIRT - GENTS, is designed to enhance this bond by ensuring you are comfortable, secure, and stylish in the saddle. It's not just about what you wear, but also how it makes you feel. So when you're kitted out in high-quality equestrian attire, you feel more confident and prepared, and this, in turn, can positively influence your riding performance and your relationship with your horse.

Explore our extensive collection of men's competition clothing today and embrace the equestrian journey with confidence and style.